Another alternative to a quiver

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  1. I have come up with a simple alternative to a bow hook or arco clip or quiver.
    "The eureka moment" is putting the hook/holder on the actual bow.
    The clip/hook bit is from a pen lid and you break it off, file any rough edges, bend it around aprox 10mm from end and then attach. You can use binding or cable ties.
    Too easy

    IMG_20171015_095556.jpg IMG_20171015_095406.jpg IMG_20171015_095959276.jpg
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    Looks good, but I doubt that you can make the change as fast as with a conventional quiver. This may not matter for jazz playing, but for shows it would make a difference.
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  3. Thanks for the reply, just like a quiver it takes a little practice but after that I reckon they're about the same but if you're happy with a quiver they are great too, except for some basses don't like the dampening effect and some people don't like the look.
    If you don't want to use a quiver then this might be better than carrying a stand or throwing your bow on the ground or sticking it in your back pocket or sticking the tip in your shoe or a belt hook. So far I think this has the least amount of hassle.