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  1. twotonetommy4


    Jul 25, 2012
    hey guys, i know everyone appreciates a little gear talk every now and then, so i thought i'd get yalls opinions on a situation i've found myself in.

    currently, i play an ampeg '69 b25b amp through an ampeg hlf 4x10 cab (rewired to run at 16 ohms). i am happy with the tone, but feel it lacking some on the low end. due to my neverending search for that ultimate tone, i've recently stumbled upon a CL seller selling his b25b cabinet, which would match my head.

    my question is, will matching the head and cab create for a better tone than what i already have? will using the b25b cabinet (which is 2x15) help to get some more low end?

    just looking for some expert opinions here. any advice will help and i thank yall in advance!:bassist:
  2. JimmyM


    Apr 11, 2005
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    If you feel the 410hlf is lacking in low end, then there's not a bass cab on earth that will ever have enough low end for you, especially not the B25B cab, which was made 40 years ago, is sealed, and doesn't go nearly as low.
  3. twotonetommy4


    Jul 25, 2012
    yea i got ya. have you had experience using both combinations? anyone else with experience? thanks
  4. pgk


    Aug 19, 2007
    the head itself, when restored properly, has low end "reach" like few other heads ever made. as i understand it, they can get waaay down there, i'm talking sub 20hz low. and iirc i think ampeg put out a bulletin way back when addressing a "fix" for it because they were blowing speakers left and right, back in the days when there weren't many proper bass drivers around. maybe someone with more B25 knowledge can chime in here....
  5. Sartori

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    Are you sure what you're really missing isn't more in the low mid frequency range? The 410HLF has a ridiculous amount of low end, but isn't as mid present as other Ampeg cabs.
  6. SactoBass

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    Jul 8, 2009
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    Don't confuse speaker diameter and low end extension. Too many people seem to think that larger diameter speakers equals more low end. The Ampeg 410 hlf cab goes waaaaay lower than that vintage 2x15 cab. It's all about cab tuning and speaker design. That's what governs frequency response.

    Btw, alot of TB'ers have commented that the hlf cab isn't the greatest. (Their opinion, of course, but there seems to be quite a few who feel that way about the hlf.)

    If you want more "punch", you might look into a custom made cab. That's what I did for my early 70's Ampeg B25B amp. I had Don Oatman at LDS (Low Down Sound) make me a cab loaded with four Eminence B810 drivers. I had the cab made with an internal vertical separator so it's actually like having a pair of vertical sealed 2x10's, each with their own separate input jack. 16 ohms per side, which is a perfect match for the two 16 ohm output jacks on the amp. The cab rocks!

    Please keep in mind that the baby Ampeg (that's what I call my B25B compared to my other Ampeg amps) only pumps out about 55 watts RMS, so it's not going to provide lots of low end at high volume. You need more output power if you want low end at higher volumes. That's why I also have a 100 watter (Ampeg V4B) and a 300 watter (Ampeg SVT-II nonpro).
  7. SBrown


    Dec 5, 2008
    Auburn, CA
    I had the matching head and cab with the original cts drivers. I tried a pair of Eminence 15A's in it and I thought it was an improvement. The low end was more authoritative and tighter, and it gave the amp a little more perceived volume, probably due to more efficient drivers. Those speakers are quite inexpensive also, good bang for the buck. I kept the orig. drivers to put in when I stupidly sold it. I thought it was sweet for blues gigs. The drivers can be seen on Fliptops website.
  8. twotonetommy4


    Jul 25, 2012
    cool, thank you guys so much for the advice. i think i may go ahead and just make the purchase because i am a sucker for uniformity. i plan on keeping both cabinets and maybe re-converting my hlf back to 4 ohms for use with a newer model head i may purchase down the road if i need to get real loud for shows. again thank you guys for the help. anyone else with experience with the b25b, please feel free to post your opinions and stories with your b25b!