Another Barker and Leo sighting on Beale St.!

Discussion in 'Barker Bass Forum' started by TJBass, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. The wife and I were staying the night in Memphis last weekend, celebrating our 5th anniversary. We stopped at an outside bar where we heard some very Stevie Rayish blues guitar coming from the back. After watching a few sets I had the opportunity to chat with the bass player at the bar. It was Leo. I was extremely impressed by his style and technique on the Barker, which I had never seen nor heard in person before. He definately knew his way around that thing. We started discussing the specs of the bass and what rig he was playing it thru. I was shocked and excited when he asked me, "Do you want to play it?" Right there on his stage with his rig in front of his audience! Hell yeah!!! After showing me the setup and a brief technique instruction session I really felt I could easily get used to this. Playing mainly Fender Jazz basses, the upright felt foreign to me, however, this was nice! I specially loved the idea that you could easily slap on it. And the tone!!!!!! From clean and bright to low and dirty, coupled with that Mesa Scout rig there wasn't a better rig on Beale that night!
    Thanks Leo, it was great meeting you. Thanks for sharing your bass, not many players would do that.

  2. Hi Jay..
    Thanks for the kind words! I hope you and your wife enjoyed your stay here in Memphis. I'm glad you had a first hand opportunity to play a Barker, and I'm happy you liked it. It is a very special instrument to me...I love playing it, as you could probably tell. If you're ever in Memphis again, let me know. I can probably arrange for you to set in for a few tunes...really get your feet wet on the Barker. Be sure to check in on the forum here to say hi...there's always something interesting going on. All the best, Leo
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