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  1. I know there are dozens of threads on here detailing various pickup options for replacing the cheap Stratocaster pickup in the Bronco bass but I thought I would start another one because I can't find any reference to the pickup I'm considering using. I was partly looking for a short scale neck to use on an experimental project and the Bronco neck will do for that, but I quite like the whole bass, so in the mean time I might try a pickup swap (or two). I'm going to order a few pickups from GFS so as not to spend too much money on this. From reading other threads it seems like the middle position Li'l Killer humbucker rail is a reasonable choice with several wiring options. The middle position lipstick pickup also seems to get used a bit and looks great.

    What I would really like to try is the equivalent of a vintage single coil P bass pickup. I know a standard SCP pickup doesn't fit through the pick guard without modding it and the pole pieces don't line up unless you slant it. I know that there are several SCP type pickups on the market designed to fit the Bronco/Musicmaster, but by the time they are shipped to New Zealand they cost nearly as much as the bass. What I am wondering about is the middle position '60s-70s-Grey-Bottom-Non-Stagger-Overwound-Stratreg--MAX-Power'. There are some similarities between this pickup and a Seymour Duncan SCPB-1. Both use Alnico 5 magnets and both have similar DC resistance (SCPB-1 is 8.1kΩ, the GFS Strat maxpower is 8kΩ). I think they are both wound with 42 gauge wire, but the proportions are slightly different. Without a cover on it might look a little odd with six pole pieces, but I could live with that (or put the bronco cover over it).

    Has anyone tried one of these in a Bronco or a Musicmaster? Is this pickup likely to sound anything like a SCPB-1 in this application? I guess it's only $24 to try it, and adding it to my order doesn't change the shipping cost.
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    Any updates to your research?
  3. Hi

    I ended up ordering a Li'l Killer and the Grey bottom. I now have two Broncos. The Li'l killer is in the first one with a humbucker-single coil switch. That certainly gives two distinct sounds. In single coil mode it it very similar to the stock pickup, but not as loud.
    I put the grey bottom pickup into a Bronco that I quite heavily modified. I have posted photos of the two of them before that you should be able to find. The modified one is yellow with a single coil P bass/tele bass aesthetic. The pickup mostly sound like a hotter version of the original. I don't really have a good reference to know how close it sounds to an SCPB. I guess for completeness I need to get one of those :) It sounds good and is quite responsive to changes in picking position and dynamics. I like it. It hums a bit more than I would like at the moment - I need to disassemble the bass and sort out the cavity shielding a bit better. At the moment it has the bronco pickup cover painted black with some aluminum foil dots stuck on as fake pole pieces. I don't know if I can link to the other thread, but you should be able to find it.

    If you search for "My two broncos" you should find it.
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