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    Dec 24, 2000
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    Okay. I've done moderate research and here is where I am. I am building a sytem for home recording. (Mostly 4 and 5 man rock bands but I also want ability to record more instruments, vocals, etc. when necessary.)

    I am building a completely new PC and this is what I am imagining so far:

    Intel P4 3.0 GHz
    2 GB RAM
    80-120 GB hard drive (Think I'm gonna get the 120.)
    DVD/CDRW combo drive
    ASUS P4-800 motherboard (hyperthreading) with 8 USB, 2 IEEE ports (The motherboard is not etched in stone yet.)

    Soundcards are where I become most perplexed because there are so many opinions.

    From my research so far I am considering:

    M-audio delta 1010 PCI digital audio system
    EMU 1820M Master Level Recording System (This looks like a nice package.)
    Possibly something from MOTU (I've heard good things.) But does the MOTU stuff actually have a self-contained soundcard or is it just the recording system without the card?

    Also do the soundcards above come with software good enough for me to use or am I gonna have to opt for Sonar, Pro Tools, Cubase, or even Tracktion?

    A key thing for me as I have to have easily accessible I/O's, midi, etc. Absolutely no plugging into the back of the box! I've done it for too long.

    I think I am fairly on the right track and am fairly literate in pcs. (Have used Cakewalk, soundforge with soundblaster live for 5+ years. I am just out of the loop on the new stuff.) Any help is greatly appreciated.



    I just realized this post was in the wrong @#$% place! Sorry!