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  1. Hello,

    So i am thinking of downsizing a bit. I currently gig with an Ampeg PR410HLF. It sounds good, and has great lowend, it is a little muddy on the mids though. The thing is, it is really heavy, 135lbs for a 410. I currently have a Carvin BRX2.10 cab and i am thinking of getting another cab to throw under it and retiring the Ampeg to the practice room.

    Is there any advise on this? Anyone else using this cab with another under it? I am thinking about a 2x12 of some sort becuase i am not sure another 2x10 would be enough to get the air moving since it would be 2 2x10s in a smaller boxes than the one 4x10. Does this make sense?

    Thanks for any help and advise. As you are making suggestions models would be great too!!!

  2. Bumpage...some of the cabs i have considered are Mesa, Eden, Avatar, and possibley LDS...or just another Carvin 2x10
  3. Add Schroeder to your list of cabs to check out. If you want clean mids....

    And if you'd want to stay with the 4x10 configuration, the 410R weighs 83 pounds.
  4. I do not nessicarily want to stay with a 4x10. I currently have the Ampeg, but i also have the Carvin 2x10 so I am more thinking of using it with somthing else, whether it is another 210 or a 212 i am not sure, i assume i will get a little more umph with the 12's.
    I will look at those too. The hard part is, where i live there is a guitar center and very little else. I wish i was going to NAMM this year...
  5. Noblesville is up by Indy, isn't it?
  6. That it is...i actually work in Indy, live in noblesville (about a 20 min drive with traffic)
  7. Bumps. I am starting to lean towards getting another Carvin 2x10. Any reason why i should get a 2x12 instead? I play rock/hard rock, with some tapping and slapping.
    Thanks again!