Another chance to spend someone elses money

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  1. *sigh* OK,

    I just started a thread a few days ago about a choice between a Squier jazz and an SX jazz (which one was better, which one would you buy, so on and so forth).

    Now I've really got a different delema.

    Turns out the money I thought I was getting is more than I had thought. I'd like to use this money to buy new gear (I have alot of GAS =/ ).

    I have about $450 (US). Should I get a couple of SX models and play with several different sounds? (something like say, a fretless, a 5-string, and a 4-string jazz) Or should I go for one, more expensive bass? (MIM Fender fretless jazz for instance, or something off of ebay in that range) Or should I go for the other end and pick up a better amp?

    Right now I have an OLP Musicman (which I really dig the sound of, but maybe want to have the oportunity to get a different playability, ie. the jazz has a smaller neck and I love that) and for an amp I have just a 15w Fender frontman practice amp.

    I don't gig, I mostly practice alone but I do go pretty often to practice with a drummer I know.

    What do you all think?
    (I know, go with what feels right to me. But I do want your opinions cause the sum of your knowledge is MUCH greater that mine!)
  2. If you want a jazz bass for $450, look on ebay for japanese Fenders. There are usually a couple fretted and fretless ones on there. MIJs are about as good as MIAs, but cost a lot less.
  3. Get a better amp ASAP.
  4. Go for an amp....

    combo will suit you well if you dun gig.

    (go for about 70-120 watts)

    and...if you have more,get a SX
  5. I may go for an amp, I can pick one up from Ebay *fairly* cheap.

    Still looking for other opinions.
  6. MattFreemanRock


    Nov 30, 2002
    I think plan A is to get a amp. Hartke's are pretty good and can be cheap. You could also get a Behringer, but i bought one from and sometimes it would buzz very loudly on E and F notes. The rest of the time the tone was great. But if you want a behringer, just in case, make sure you get it from somewhere you can return it. Not eBay.

    Good luck. :bassist:
  7. another vote for an amp
  8. StrudelBass


    Jul 6, 2002
    Amp all the way. You'll be kicking yourself if the need to be in a band ever arises.
  9. I actually did decide.

    I bought both!

    I was able to pick up a used Crate BX-160 combo for $175 and a '99 Fender Standard Jazz (arctic white) for $200.
    Both pieces are in EXCELENT condition, the bass more than the amp. So, for $375 I got pretty much exactly what I wanted.

    I have to say, used equiptment is the way to go. I was able to take a look at the equiptment before I bought it because the guys were local and that was a huge help.
  10. ARRGHHHHHHH!!!!!!

    Another guy snatches a $200 Fender jazz before me! :spit: Man I'm lookin' in all the wrong places! :bawl:

    Just jokin'! Congrats on the finding the gear you really wanted at the right price!

    I got next! :)
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    You done good. Congrats, man!