another CL ad that made me laugh

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  1. ByF


    May 19, 2009
    I seriously doubt it's going to change anyone's attitude or hiring practices, but it is still funny.

  2. TheBasicBassist


    Jan 8, 2009
    Newark, DE
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    that is ridiculous..
    eric clapton doesn't rock.
    jk jk

  3. RustyAxe


    Jul 8, 2008
    What a dope. I wonder how that works out for studios casting movie characters? For better or for worse, this IS show biz.

    (says the middle aged, graying, bearded fat guy)
  4. Beat me to it.
    The "media" arts is one area where that doesn't fly.
    Behind the scenes maybe, but in front of the camera or on the stage........nope.

    This guy would loose his ass in a counter suit.

    I'm 40 (don't look it- could pass for early 30's and do ALL the time). I understand that too.
    Too old for MTV.
    Too ugly for VH1.
    Too white for BET.
    CMT is all I have left. (There's some older, ugly white guys still makin' it, so I have a shot!)
    Thank God I like country!!!!

    Hmm....that might become my new sig......
  5. what a yakarse! Age discrimination doesn't really apply to who you want to come over to your house and hang out and play music. IF he brings up a suit it would be pretty easy to say "no, he wasn't too old, he just sucked" and they'd be off the hook anyway.
  6. too bad for this dude that I discriminate against people who can't spell
  7. RonSound

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    Dec 24, 2008
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    Must reduce the list by quite a few from what I've seen.
  8. I was thinking you just wrote the lyrics to the next great country hit!
  9. Byzcat


    Aug 3, 2009
    Lynn, Mass
    Glenn Tipton is, I think, 64 and he still rocks...

    and since this is a bass players' forum, Ian Hill is 58.

    I'm 42, but could easily pass for 30.
  10. TheDarkReaver

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    Mar 20, 2006
    Lincolnshire, UK
    Good for you. Still doesn't change the fact that discrimination doesn't really apply to the entertainment sector. It's how you can get away with advertising for an all girl band. It's aaall about the image.
  11. rcarraher


    Dec 21, 2008
    I'm not too sure I want to be young enough for MTV if I have to "rock" with these guys.

    1. Lil Wayne Download: MP3
    2. Lady Gaga Download: MP3
    3. Beyoncé Download: MP3
    4. Eminem Download: MP3
    5. Britney Spears Download: MP3
    6. Rihanna Download: MP3
    7. Black Eyed Peas Download: MP3
    8. Pussycat Dolls Download: MP3
    9. Michael Jackson Download: MP3
    10. Akon

    Do they even have bass players in there bands, or just somebody to program the synths and scratch the records?:bassist:
  12. FunkMetalBass


    Aug 5, 2005
    Phoenix, Arizona 85029
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    What? He would have to be:
    1) Physically hurt by the age discrimination
    2) Unfairly out of a job due to age
    3) Prohibited from stepping foot inside a business due to age

    Otherwise no court would ever take him seriously. I fail to see where bands, who are in a private entertainment industry, are breaking any law. They have an image to maintain, both visually and audibly, and the person filling that role is 100% their decision.

    Eric Clapton was grandfathered in.
  13. billhilly66


    Aug 25, 2007
    Plano, TX
    Huh, the age deal is all over the Dallas CL these days too. At least it slowed down the bitching about playing for free. What about discriminating against people who suck?
  14. StyleOverShow

    StyleOverShow Still Playing After All These Years Supporting Member

    May 3, 2008
    Never thought the Americans with Disabilities Act would apply to age, but it does. Have auditioned for many acts who like my style but not my looks (my narrow waist and expansive mind exchanged places decades ago). Goes with the territory, I guess.

    Working with a group now younger than my kids. They were embarrassed the other night when I tripped on a two step staircase, carpeted the same color as the floor in a dimly lit club. I have always been clumsy, particularly after seeing Herb in the parking lot, but I'm sure they think that I was having a minor stroke.