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    May 28, 2002
    Muncy, PA
    i know i've been beating this to death, but i keep coming up with more questions. so i've pretty much decided to get dimarzio's instead of duncans. now...the model j's or ultra jazz? i've already read the bass player shootout a million times. i'm looking for all your opinions. i think i've decided that i want my jazz to have alittle more output, and sound more like a precision, or a hot-rod precision i guess. i'm worried that the ultra jazz may have too much high end (or too mid scooped), and that the model j might be too boomy on the low end. let me know what you all think about this issue. i play rock, mostly with a pick, and want something that's clear and well balanced. let me know...thanks.
  2. The PICKUPS tab of my spread sheet has the numerical indexes of Bass - Mids - Treble for many of the pickups, including DiMarzio and Duncan.

    The numbers are their published numbers, but in my spread sheet so they can be sorted and compared.
    I also have the results of the BP Magazine pickup shootouts in the spread sheet, so you can read the comments and compare.
  3. I can't speak to the Ultra Jazz (never heard them), but I'm sold on the model J. I run my amp pretty much flat with a little boost at around 300hz. There's plenty of punch with finger style, but with a pick they rule! They've got enough high end to stick out in the mix, but not brittle.

    I had a set on my '76 Jazz which I bought new, have had a set of model P's on my S.D.Curlee for the last 25 years, and I bought a set for my 2001 American. Maybe I'm in a rut - but I've had many a sound tech comment on how they like my sound in the mix.