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Another Economic Crisis thread...from a different angel

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by Thunderscreech, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. So, when I came back from school in May, one of the first things I did was to apply for some jobs. Nothing came back, so I just marked this down as bad time (Fredericksburg is something of a college town anyways, and when kids from UMW leave, kids from other schools are coming back, and I was one of the coming backs).
    So, I just went and helped my dad do electrical/HVAC stuff, wiring and installing air conditioners, random plumbing, you know general handyman stuff. I didn't notice, until I would read stuff in the paper or hear it on the radio, that stuff was going downhill.

    So, in mid-July, I went job searching again. Still nothing. Places had help wanted/we're hiring signs up, but what I got was the usual "go to out website and apply", which I've took to mean "We're not interested in you, you slimy, 19-year-old deviant with 3 body peircings!".

    Well, after I applied to community college, and got my schedule down I went again.

    Nothing. And, my being told to go to the websites was not becuase of my 2 ear holes and tongue stud, it was a "There aren't any positions here".

    Seriously. There is nothing. Why? because of the unique demographic that is my stupid little city. Downtown, there is nothing but antique stores run by angry spinsters who accuse you of stealing stuff. Out in the more developed shopping centers, pretty much all the stores are flooded with applications already. When stuff went up in price (like food), all the people who weren't going out and getting jobs, went out and got them.

    Even now, when someone says "Oh, they're jobs out there" I want to punch them in the sphincter, because there are none. Places I would want to work are full, and, since they're small businesses, do not have the capital to hire a part-time guy. Other places have so many part-time people that I can't get in.

    Having no money really sucks. I can hardly buy gas with the $25 a week my parents are giving me as allowance. But, while I am grateful for the money, I don't want them to give it to me, I want to earn it myself, so I have something to do, AND get paid for it, and with the money can fill my car up and squirrel away for bass, girlfriend, whatever I want use money on.


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