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Another gig from hell thread

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by mikemulcahy, Jan 7, 2002.

  1. mikemulcahy


    Jun 13, 2000
    The Abyss
    Friday was a HUGE PITA!!! We had a foot of snow and ice, which paralyzes the whole state. Get out of work early Friday so I can relax and consolidate my feces..... NOT!!! Halfway home the drummer calls, cant get in touch with the club owner to confirm that he will open tonite, then the guitar player calls to say the sound guy may not make it, I get home and my father calls me with a bleeding ear, my brother brings his son over with an asthma attack(very mild). Get all of the above squared away, get to the club, the sound guy still hasnt showed and some of my equipment hasnt arrived, the singer and I turn around to get the rest of my gear and on the way back get into an accident with w drunk driver. After nearly freezing to death waiting for the trooper to do his paperwork, I am still in scrubs, we get back in time to do a quick sound check. The first song into the show, I vapor lock and bail out of the rhythm behind the guitar solo early and drag the other guitar and drummer with me, leaving the lead to play a few measures ALONE!!!

    I think we will chalk this one up to experience.

  2. Ooo. You sure you wern't shot or something? Cause that's the only way to make that evening worse. I'm sorry.

    Rock on
  3. Christopher


    Apr 28, 2000
    New York, NY
    I've been meaning to visit the Abyss, but my liquid rebreather's broken.
  4. frankencow150

    frankencow150 Guest

    Oct 17, 2001
    Whats the abyss and whats a liquid rebreather?
  5. Christopher


    Apr 28, 2000
    New York, NY
    1) The Abyss: Where Mike Mulcahy lives. If you look into it, it will look into you. Beware.

    2) Liquid Rebreather: What you use to get there. See James Cameron's "Abyss" for a demonstration. Glug glug.
  6. Hey, don't worry brother. Everyone has a ****ter once in a while. It just happens. Yeah, the fingers thing i know now, keep em warm before a gig! We did a song about 2nd or so where i decided to improv with some major scale fills, and **** dude. cold fingers and the semi fast tempo doesn't mix!!!!
  7. ZuluFunk

    ZuluFunk Supporting Member

    Apr 14, 2001
    You should be happy your fingers didn't get frost bitten and fall off. You would have had to postpone the show a few hours.
  8. mikemulcahy


    Jun 13, 2000
    The Abyss
    I am not the man some people are. But then I do keep some spare body parts in my gig bag for such emergencies.

    Mike:D :p :D
  9. jcadmus


    Apr 2, 2000

    Sorry about that Mike. Better luck on the next gig, stud.
  10. Got Milk?

    :D sorry, couldn't resist!

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