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another humming j bass questain

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by FanOfAlice, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. FanOfAlice


    Nov 8, 2006
    i searched as much as i could and this didnt seem to be addressed in any of the common grounding problems questains. so here it goes. i recently purchased a squier vintage modified 70s jazz and i love the tone when the tone control is set so that it is trebley ( full on?) but i get a horrilble buzz when i am not touching the strings or metal on the bass etc. when i roll the tone knob to get a bassier tone the hum/noise goes away but i lose that trebley tone that cuts through so good. i already compared the wiring to a schematic and it SEEMED to be correct and i checked that the ground wire was under the bridge properly. does anybody have any ideas or experiance this? is it something i have to deal with or would sheilding help? o and by the way i have both pick ups on full volume all the time. thanks ahead of time to any responders.
  2. Liko


    Mar 30, 2007
    You probably didn't search well enough. There are many threads covering this exact phenomenon.

    Some questions:

    Does the buzz occur only when you turn down one or the other of your pickups? If not, does the buzz increase, decrease or stay the same when you turn down one volume knob?

    Does the buzz lessen when you turn your bass in a different direction?

    Have you recently shielded the bass, swapped out pickups, or done anything else?

    One thing I can answer immediately; the hum goes away when you touch the strings because you yourself are a major source of EM noise. You generate EM and conduct it through your body. When you touch the strings, you aren't grounding the bass, you're grounding yourself. This is generally an indicator of poor shielding, and the cure is to make sure the backs of the pickups are shielded and that those shields are properly grounded. If you've changed pickups recently, you may not have paid any heed to a ring terminal coming off the bridge pickup and screwed into the back of the pickup well, and simply taken it out and wired the bridge pickup directly. That ring terminal, however, was the ground for the bridge pickup well's shield, and you'll have to put it back in either by running a dedicated lead between the ring terminal and a pot shell or other ground, or resoldering the pickup ground wire to incorporate that ring terminal. If you've messed with the wiring you may also have inadvertently disconnected a ground wire in the control cavity, or wired a ground into the signal circuit which will put all the noise from that ground into the signal.
  3. what if the wiring hasnt been messed with? i have the same problem with my jazz, but i havent done any wiring changes, ive only changed strings recently. i got the buzz, tone problem too.
    when i have the tone up, buzz. the bridge pickup on about 80% or more, serious buzz. bridge and tone up, so much buzz its unplayable. with both pickups all the way, and tone down, moderate to little buzz. neck volume max, bridge nothing, tone, nothing, no buzz. thats the only way besides adding a little bridge volume, that i can play without the buzz. the worst part, this is not consistent, sometimes its all good.

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