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another jazz-string advice

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by jannejava, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. jannejava


    Mar 28, 2004
    I have been browsing and followed most of the string threads on TB for more than a month now and I must say I am more confused now than in the beginning :)
    According to my classical teacher and threads here at TB, strings can behave very different on diffent basses due the big difference in wood, size and so forth. So I guess I have to go the hard way. But I would appreciate an advice in my search.

    I started out with Piratstro Jazzers, but I friend told me to try gut-strings to get more 'thump'. Bought Garbos and had them on for a year but they didn't work on my bass. Very hard to get the inontation right and the E-string was very loose and hard to control. Could not hear myself in a group setting, muddy. So I changed back to Jazzers and I am quite happy. the bass sounds lounder with these on. the sound comes thru even loud drummers.

    BUT I practice with a bow and would like a hybrid-string that is not as 'scratchy' under the bow as jazzers. I have a vision of a string that gives me just a little bit more 'thump' and less sustain. a little 'thicker' sounding g-string than the jazzers, still with definition and projection. I don't think 'real' gut-strings are something for this bass.

    does this string exist? is the obligatos an option for me? Flat Chromesteel?

    say what I need and I'll buy it! ;-)

    regards, jan
  2. Chasarms

    Chasarms Casual Observer

    May 24, 2001
    Bettendorf, IA USA
    Either of those two would be fine. The Obligato will be a bit more tubby sounding and less articulate than the Flat Chromesteel. IME, the Flat Chromesteel bows better than the Obligato. Both have excellent pizz tone, response and sustain. The FCS offers a more polished, modern pizz sound, IMO.

    The Obli is by no means gutlike in tone. But is a little darker and round. Slightly more thumpy.

    The Obligato will be softer under the left hand than the FCS. Obligatos are very comfortable to play. This same softness may cause them to roll, especially the E. I just switched from Obli to FCS. The stiffer FC is harder to stop with the left hand but easier to bow. Because they push back against the bow better, it is easier to hook up.

    The bowed tone of the Flat Chromesteel is also less nasal sounding on my bass.

    The Oblis are physically thicker than the FCS. They also move much more, so a little higher string height may be needed. Since they are so soft, it doesn't seem to compromise playability very much.

    FCS are more expensive but should be expected to last longer, as they are all steel. The beef with Obligatos is that they really only give you about 6-8 months of use before they are shot. A good steel will go at least a year.

    Another popular hybrid string is the Thomastik Superflexible. They are similar to Spirocore as far as pizz tone, but seem to bow more easily with less scratchiness. I have never played them on my bass. On others, I thought they were nice.