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  1. On the song everything and nothing, how does rhyano get that funky sound? Does he finger tap or something?
  2. Mudvayne is awsome...i saw them live, it was kick ass.. and i don't know about that song, but do you have the tabs for it? is so, email me: [email protected]

    thank you~
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    Another mudvayne thread? This is the first one I've seen.
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    Oct 25, 2005
    Well, i searched!

    The song "Everything and Nothing" has me baffled. Just a thumb and and ampeg svt to get that sound?
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    Wow this thread is old.
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    Nov Shmoz Ka Pop?
    new game.
    who can resurrect the oldest thread thus making the bestest zombie
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    I don't care how old this thread is because I just began discovering the genius of Ryan Martinie and have been blown away. In my opinion his bass playing makes the band. He is rhythm section but his lines also provide most of the melody for the song, Dull Boy is a great example of this. I just had to learn Dig, and it took me like a month to get it down, and it is so fun to play. The only thing I couldn't "dig" about MV is the detuning, so I learned it in standard tuning (5 string). Playing it in standard isn't too difficult. Besides, if i tune down my Squier with standard gauge string it will be more of a flop-fest than it already is. On a side note, while the electronics and materials are cheap I love the way the Squier plays, then again I love wide spacing and ironing-board necks.
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    i used to think that was a fretless sound for those parts you're talking about. ive come to the conclusion that ryan used a ton of compression for those parts and most of L.D. 50 for that matter. could be wrong though. look for my guitar pro mudvayne bass tabs at ultimate-guitar. username jason92145. ive tabbed everything and nothing.
  9. I think that's just it. Fretless and he compresses the Hell out of his signal. IIRC he uses some rack compressor...