Another NBD,....2006 DJ5 with AERO's!

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  1. Stole this one today via CL,......2006 Lakland DJ5, aero p'ups, orginal lakland HS case,........ super clean condition,.....and best of all,...she's a player!!!! I'm guessing just over 9 lbs,.... Took off the extremely aged bass boomers she was wearing, strung her up with some NYXL's I had on another bass for about a week, only thing I had handy ;) Plugged in and immediately started smiling. The aero's sound great! Slightly thicker lows than your typical single coils to my ears anyway. Neck is to die for! Now if I just don't get arrested for the low price...... :roflmao::roflmao::roflmao:

    Crappy pics , but proof of the crime......
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    I love it!