Another night at Knott's

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  1. Hi,

    The Kelly Rae Band ( had another pleasant evening at Knott's Berry Farm last night.

    I had one big brain fart. Red-Oops.gif

    During our first set Kelly announced me and let the crowd know I was doing a new Zac Brown song, "Jump Right In". I told the crowd yes, it was so new that I didn't even know all of the words yet. And I was serious. I've been using a cheat sheet for that one while I memorize but I had left it in my case. We played the song and I got half the first verse and the rest went away. I totally missed the second verse. I got the chorus. I got the bridge (all "La, la, la"). I got the last verse, which kind of saved it. The crowd gave me love anyway. clap.gif

    I said, "You are much too kind, much, much too kind. But that's OK. We can take it!". ;)

    I insisted we reprise the song in the next show so I could redeem my self and I pretty much nailed it. Tonight we start our run at the Orange County Fair and it will be even better. It takes a few rehearsals for this old brain to retain new lyrics. Hammer3.gif

    Here's a few pictures from last night. Thanks for playing along.







    The guy running the sound and lights is in that booth on the other side of the train tracks.


    The stage crew and monitor guys were right there at stage left. They are really on the ball and are really good at reading your hand signals when you need a little more of something in your monitor.



    Break a leg!

    Thank you for your indulgence,

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    Sounds like a fun gig. I used to go to Knotts as a kid in the '60's & early '70's. Always loved the Wild West vibe of the place.
    Enjoy the OC Co. Fair too..