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another nightmare gig

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by Tim Cole, Dec 8, 2002.

  1. Tim Cole

    Tim Cole Supporting Member

    Jun 12, 2002
    Findlay, Ohio
    I understand you have to take the bad with the good, but we have been doing some doozie gigs lately. We have attempted to work with some other local original bands on "trading gigs", and we always seem to get shafted. One band we had with us a couple weeks ago "returned the favor" last night by adding us to the bill, on one of their gigs. None of the guys in my band had been to the venue before, but since it was in a popular college town, we figured it would be alright. Well, we got there last night to find nothing, literally. First off the place looked like a Jr. Yuppie convention, and I knew right off the bat our genere was going to go over like a lead balloon. The band that "booked" this hole wasn't even there yeat, and the second band of the night was just as confused as us on what was going on. Get this, there was no sound man, no mics, and the only thing they had for a pa there was 2-12" full range cabinets, on power amp, and a small board the karaoke dj uses there. After about 30 minutes after we were supposed to start went by, I had enough and started packing up. 3 of the 5 guys in my band decided we would be best off to just bail on the gig, and head to a club that treats us good to go support them, and have a good time. Well, the 2 that were wanting to do a set anyway whined enough that we went ahead and did a few songs. The bar manager produced 2 mics out of somewhere, so we had stage volume, and 2 vocal mics, thats it. The amps were side filled, due to size restraints. We still got bitched at for being too loud!!!!! This gig paid zero, we were treated like complete assholes, and they wouldn't even give us a DISCOUNT on drinks. we got the hell out of there as quick as we could, which was around 11:40, and still no sign onb the clowns that booked this hole. We ended up going to that other club I mentioned, and did have a good time the rest of the night, the bar owner begged us till we got up and did a few tunes on the gear that the weekends band had there. He gave us all free drinks, and we had a ball. Even watched my lead guitar player take a straight swig out of a bottle of insanity sauce, that alone was worth the entire nights bs.....never seen a man slobber all over himself like that before lol. So some lessons learned: Don't take other peoples words on their arrrangements for gigs, and get everything IN CONTRACT!
  2. Hey man, I'm in an original band, you wanna trade some gigs?

    haha had to

  3. Tim Cole

    Tim Cole Supporting Member

    Jun 12, 2002
    Findlay, Ohio
    I know, I shouldn't complain, worse things happen (and have). It just sucks, because every time we book the show, we spend the money for a large PA, Pro sound man, and a big light show with intelligent lighting, lasers, foggers, strobes, aviation lights...you name it. We spend the money to make a good stage show, PAY the bands that play with us (not much, but something), and this is how they apparently return the favor.
  4. Man that sounds like our CD release last June. We rented a HUGE light show, played at one of the best clubs in town and invited some of the best bands to play with us. In the end I had to book 11 different bands because they kept canceling. We were going to have us and three other bands, the first band was booked two hours before the show started and that was only because it was a two peice band and our guitar tech was half the band. The last band we had play we booked five days before after a cancelation. The second band was pretty large in town and they said yeah we'll promote real hard. They didn't. I told each of the bands that they would get $100 minimum. The first band took half and the last band is freinds and I still havn't payed them. The room holds like 1100 people and we had 130 there and they were all for us.

    I'll tell ya, you can't trust anyone in a band unless you know them very well.
  5. A swig of Daves Insanity Sauce? I would have paid to see that.

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