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Another Octamizer vs. BOD thread

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by BobaMosfett, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. Hi all,
    Hope someone can help me here. I already posted this in an existing thread, but no answer yet. So please, no 'do a search'... :p

    I use (amongst others) an OC-2 and a B:assmaster. I prefer my octaver first in the chain, so it can have the purest signal to create the octave. However, I discovered that the B:assmaster sounds better with nothing in front of it; it loses less lows that way. So with the non-true-bypass OC-2 in front of it, the B:assmaster sounds thin (when OC-2 = off). But when I want to use them both together, the OC-2 after the B:assmaster is very glitchy; I guess because of all the harmonic content. So, in short: both orders have disadvantages.

    Do any of the experts here think that the same problem will occur with the octamizer, since it's not true-bypass, and that I can solve this by getting the MXR and putting it before the B:assmaster?

    Based on the reviews here I think I might prefer the Octamizer sound-wise, but not if it has the same problem I described.

  2. fightthepower


    Jan 7, 2008
    San Diego
    So when the OC-2 is ON it all sounds good, and the OC-2's buffer only has a negative effect when you're using a dry signal with the bassmaster, correct? In that case, the BOD would probably be a nice compromise: using mostly the 'Growl' side will get you pretty damn close to the OC-2, if not indistinguishable when under the bassmaster.. and it is true-bypass and therefor shouldn't have any effect on the bassmaster when the BOD is bypassed. I couldn't tell ya about the Octamizer, don't know enough about it-
  3. Well, it probably doesn't sound as well when the OC-2 is on either.

    Thanks for your answer; I expected as much from the MXR. Still, I would like to hear from experiences with the Aguilar. Is it buffered, and if so, should I expect the same issues as with the OC-2?
  4. faceinbass


    Apr 20, 2008
    Yes... The B:Assmaster loves the clean signal of the bass vs. a buffered signal from another box.

    (Having said that, I recently tried putting my Arion Bass EQ before it and wow. It sounded even better. So adding some clean gain/buffer won't hurt. Fwiw: I leave my EQ on.)

    Now, You solution seems kind of obvious...
    You need a truebypass looper for the OC2.
    and then put that first in your chain

    Also, after playing with the Octron2, I think the sound of an octave hitting the BM is much more interesting than the other way around.

    Hope this helps. :bassist:
    ....and what GREAT taste in pedals you have. ;)
  5. This sounds like the solution you're after. However after having tried both the Octamizer and the BOD i'd say either one would be fine in terms of the "clean" signal it produces. The Aguilar is buffered but I really can't here a difference between my straight-to-the-amp tone and my tone going through the Octamizer disengaged ,the same goes for the BOD. However tonally, the BOD gets much closer to the OC2 than the Octazmizer can. If you want something thats more versatile and "bigger" sounding overall the Octamizer is a great choice but if you want a true-bypass octaver that can get really close to the OC2 then get the BOD. I will say that the girth knob add another dimension to it should you choose to use it, I do and love it but the growl knob is where the OC2 wannabe is.

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