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Another one of "those" threads

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by sigkill, Jun 29, 2004.

  1. Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! Another one of those bass recommendation threads! Ah, you know you love 'em. ;) Anyway, here's the deal. I was saving money for college, but my fiance recently put in for financial aid for me, and I somehow got approval. I wonder how much she embellished? Oh well, what that does, is leave me with about $500-$700 just sitting around in the bank, begging to be spent on a bass. :D I did already have a MIM Fender Jazz Deluxe Series V in lay-away, but I stepped back and realized that was a complete impulse deal. Besides that, he left the bass out on the shelf and seeing the reserve tag seems to have encouraged a******s to pick her up and have their way with her. I went in last week with a friend for something, and discovered she had some horrid buckle rash and a few dings from smacking other basses on the way back to the wall mount. Besides, I have no business with another five. The only four I have is my Ibanez EDB 400, and I just want to treat myself with something a little higher up on the bass food chain. So, now that you have some background info, here's a little bit of what I'm looking for.

    As for tone, this is still going to be a learning and practice bass for now, as I said, I just want to treat myself. Because it is a learning bass though, and several styles are being covered, I figure a well rounded, all purpose tone would be most beneficial to my situation. That being said, could I get that sort of tone continuing to use basses with jazz or soapbar style pickups? I ask that because, while I've never played one, I've checked out a few clips of P-basses, and while I appreciate what a huge role it played in the history of bass, I'm just not crazy about it's sound. I am in love with the growl of the jazz though. Is the growl largely in the pickup style? Whether it's Fenders, Sadowskys, or Warwicks that I listen to, they all seem to feature the jazz style pickup, so I am just attempting an educated guess here.

    As for playability, I've just really started to realize how important this factor is, because I just really started to feel/notice it. It actually almost exceeds tone for me, being I don't have an ear for true tone appreciation yet (only know what I like), and I don't need a bass to perform with right now. It really is the most pertaninent factor behind deciding to get this bass. To give you an idea of what I'm looking for here, I took a few measurements of my current basses and came up with what I like and don't like on each. Starting with the necks, the neck on my Ibanez drives me nuts, it's non-stop hand cramps after ten minutes of playing. It is approximately 1 & 1/2" at the nut, 2 & 5/16" at the neck heel fret (17). My Peavey, meanwhile, is much more comfortable, at 1 & 3/4" at the nut, 2 & 9/16" at the neck heel fret (16th). I want a neck this thick, or maybe even a little thicker. On the other hand, string spacing on my Ibanez is much more comfortable than on my Peavey, because the Peavey is a five. String spacing at the bridge of the Ibanez is about 5/8". I'm pretty comfortable with something right around there.

    Some final few notes; I will be able to get to Memphis this time around, so I will be able to at least sample a broader selection, hopefully most of the suggested basses you throw my way. I'm not opposed to buying used again, as I now have someone I can get to check out local used instruments for me now, and I have the knowledge I've learned from here and Bass for Dummies. Also, with your further assistance, I wouldn't be opposed to lookin' to "the bay" for this purchase, either. I know this amount of cash is still fairly trivial, so my best bet is likely a used bass, again. Well, I hope I was fairly thorough in describing my needs/wants in a bass. I know I was as long-winded as I typically am, but it may have all been bs. :smug:
  2. Whafrodamus


    Oct 29, 2003
    Andover, MA
    Since you like those Jazz styles so much, try to find a KSD Jazz bass, hell even a Fender would be cool. Try out one of those Deluxe flame maple ones with the gold hardware. Also, you could look around for a Warwick Corvette, or even a proline.. I've played a few and loved them. Plus, 24 frets is nice.