Another Peavey VB-2....what i did what should i do

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  1. michael tomlin

    michael tomlin

    Dec 8, 2015
    first post....everybody has one

    I am somewhat old. 63...dicked around with guitars, banjo, saxophone, keys, drums, violin(fail) performer, but got ok on the sax and banjo at one time.

    'bout a year ago got a 4string bass guitar and a TC bg250...immediately found that the large distances between frets on the bass would take some getting used well as i can play it with just one hand, using banjo hammer, pulloff techniques...left me another hand where i manipulate the top two strings, hammering them to make intervals = chords including the left hand hammered lower two strings (different story)

    Wanted a tube amp, with some power....that i could actually lift by myself....Peavey VB-2...i chose wisely.

    Challenged the VB-2 with the BG250...another story...nothing wrong with the BG250 but it stays off now, unless i want to play somewhere and it is my much appreciated and effective companion.

    VB-2 is now paired with two RBH115 cabs...chosen for the same reason, powerful and i can still manage to carry/move them by myself, as far as i know, i chose wisely.

    aint like i can or do gigs, just sits in my little padded room, but i move them and other things around.

    this long story short i did some mods to this amp...simple but very effective...and i like it so much i just bought another one. Again i chose the RBH115 because they were ported and had an advertised good SPL efficiency and DB low HZ...and found that one RBH115 dont do it but two sounds better to me, maybe because one is off the floor at chest beating level.

    I want to do 410's (one or two) for the new amp...RBH410 have good advertised SPL efficiency and HZrange but are a grand and 100lb(or so).....and the VB-2 is only ~220watts clean.

    I know the next logical question "what tone you looking for"....well, i dont have enough experience to know, or explain it. I like the sound i got now...dont mean it is as good as i could like, given the opportunity.

    The VB-2 is so versatile one can get a variety of tones, and i invested in a B1XON 'toy' pedal. Love it. I can sample the various effects, and if necessary, get a 'real fx pedal' (please forgive me) if i like a particular effect.

    ...the fender V3 410's are looking pretty good: light, reportedly 'soundy' and affordable...i like cheep and effective. Could be two PV Headliners would do... I have come to think upon tone...does the ability of the speaker to do that 41.5HZ low E even matter? I was looking for 410's that were efficient (make the most of my 220watts)....and was kind of leaning to a sealed cab(punch?)...dont think efficiency and low HZ go hand in hand with sealed cab, dont know.... Dont have patience to by used...yeah i look at local GC and CL and have had great success...when it hits..

    anyway, i have read thousands of posts, the ones tagged VB-2, Ported vs Sealed, anything mentioning tubes, etc more than once....and can appreciate the humor that is sprinkled, in various forms throughout. I look forward to the replies, and the probability of cerebral enrichment.
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    Sorry Bro. I, for one, do not understand what you are asking.
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  3. michael tomlin

    michael tomlin

    Dec 8, 2015
    my apologies

    What i am looking for is a
    410 cabinet, or two
    i would like it to go well with the VB-2
    i would like it light
    i would like it inexpensive
    i would like it loud

    and dont have the experience to choose wisely.

    ^ yeah kinda long winded....dont know how a sealed cab is going to sound with this amp...410's for that matter, i only have 15's...the Fender V3 410 cab has good reviews on tone, weight and price but how effecient? The Peavey 410 Headliner is sealed, inexpensive, again, how efficient. I can manage to lift either.

    The RBH115 like 103db sensitivity... I have found that 220 tube watts is not very much if you want real loud, clean low bass...compared to a tube guitar amp where 22watts can blind you... One of the reasons i did not get an AmpegSVT...too heavy....Love the VB-2, very straight forward and versatile...i am quite aware of the abilities of the modern SS amp to do loud with tolerable tone...i just like tubes.
  4. BassmanPaul

    BassmanPaul Inactive

    I went with a tube pre-amp I built and a 2KW Class D amp. The sound of tubes with the efficiency of the SS power amp.
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  5. BassmanPaul

    BassmanPaul Inactive

    In all seriousness Michael if you are not actually playing out there is simply no need for paired cabinets. You won’t be able to push one loud enough to need a second. If you do i fear for your hearing and for your roof!!! :D

    While you can get good results using cheap equipment more expense gets you to better tone far easier.
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  6. michael tomlin

    michael tomlin

    Dec 8, 2015
    i have ported the DI on both the BG and the PV thru just a mixer and then a soundcard/dsp to a pair of QSC RMX1450's (and their associated crazy but adequate mix of speakers)...and before i had any bass amps used an Art MP for tone/isolation....not quite the same as the bass amp/cab combination... Never tried to drive the bass cabs directly with the QSC though. Done properly the two VB-2 should give me some watts. I like tubes. I want to try 410's...
  7. michael tomlin

    michael tomlin

    Dec 8, 2015
    Thanks, and to add to that i have found that 90% of the tone is in the performers fingers...i am a little lacking there, but getting better.

    I got the VB-2, after much study, to perform to my liking. I like the RBH115's; to me, two sound better than one at any volume. I am only going to get one 410 to start with...and if and when i get two it will be the same kind. If my playing is not so adept maybe i will just have to be satisfied at how it looks...i do want it to sound good though.
  8. mbelue


    Dec 11, 2010
    Just speaking generally.
    Tube amps on sealed cabinets is the most popular combination for tube.

    Never played a Peavey tube amp so i can't say for your exact case but tailoring your resonance control should allow you to match either sealed or ported more to your preference.

    I would however recommend you try and play one decent cabinet before dumping a bunch of money on budget cabinets.
    Modern boutique cabinets can (in some cases) really outperform the cheap stuff.

    You might really like a good cab enough to just have one.
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  9. michael tomlin

    michael tomlin

    Dec 8, 2015
    Lots of tones using combinations of resonance/midshift/tone control/screen current/bias available from this amp, more than i can keep track of or even classify.
    I have not ruled out a good cab, at all. Just dont know much about them...specs aint tone. I had no idea that tube amps liked sealed cabs. See learning something already. Thank You.
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  10. mbelue


    Dec 11, 2010
    I wouldn't go so far as to say the amps are capable puff independent thought......

    Just speaking to the billions of SVTs parked on top of sealed 810s.
    Neither of those specifics either applied to the cabs or amps in question here but there is a certain magic to the relationahip between sealed cabs and the (relatively)loose damping factor of (some)tube amps.
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  11. BassmanPaul

    BassmanPaul Inactive

    With your left hand try to make your finger movements as little as possible. They just need to clear the string. Press down just enough to make the note clear with good definition. Pluck the same way, you don’t need to rip the string off the bass. Doing all this will ease hand fatigue.

    Close up, any two cabinets in any combination will sound better than one. It’s when you get further away that problems begin to show.
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  12. michael tomlin

    michael tomlin

    Dec 8, 2015
    two of the same cabinets as well?(in phase, of course). Playing the bass quite different from the banjo or guitar for me....fret span notwithstanding it matters WHERE one hammers makes a big difference in fret noise, sustain, tone...can't decide whether to thumb the lower strings or pluck them or either, as tone or feeling dictates.
  13. BassmanPaul

    BassmanPaul Inactive

    My suggestions on technique were what I found really useful as I was learning. YMMV. I found that these things helped my playing immensely especially in the area of hand fatigue. If you feel I have overstepped my bounds please ignore my suggestions. A nice tip I stole from a guy I know was to pluck 1- 2- 3 -2 -1. He could do a train wreck with ease. I’ve practiced the skill but still find it a little awkward. :spam:
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  14. BbbyBld


    Oct 13, 2005
    Meridian, MS
    My opinion, for what it's worth:

    The VB-2 likes ported cabs. It was voiced using Peavey 410TVX and Pro 410 cabs, which are both ported.

    Unlike many tube bass heads, the VB-2 was designed with a "tight" low end to save power amp headroom, and as an attempt to add to the versatility. It will loosen up some with the resonance control at max.

    I still gig with one from time to time, and I use a Pro 410.

    I have a '78 Ampeg 810. It works well with the VB-2, and it serves as the resting place for mine in my music room. It's too large to carry around.

    You want a cab with a fairly high efficiency to get the most out of the relatively low power.
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  15. michael tomlin

    michael tomlin

    Dec 8, 2015
    ^Partnah i need all the help i can get. I actually don't do to bad with one (left) hand hammering, but am a little weak in the left little finger, say nothing of the brain... thus compression and limiting to try to make up for lack of skill...I put .95flats on it, but will, as my fingering gets stronger, probably go fatter, but still flats...Can manipulate the instruments topology via wrenches, files and shims to get the strings where i want them (i am no luthier and dont need one that i know), low but no buzz... I will take your i said i can still play a little banjo, though haven't much for 30 years, and a little sax, but haven't much for 10 years...tried the violin...even bought and severely modified a acoustic fretted violin (bowed mandolin) i hand wrist just dont like it. And i do greatly appreciate and will use the suggestion, if i understand it.
  16. michael tomlin

    michael tomlin

    Dec 8, 2015
    I have no choice but to make this worth it's weight in gold.

    I have always felt that the nature of the tube amp just dont do low low well, and that is what a properly tuned ported cab does.

    I leave the resonance control at 0 standing in front of the the GK RBH115's (unless experimenting, just another wonderful thing this amp does) ...

    i absolutely agree about the efficiency...seems the bass speaker MFG's are designing around the SS amps...with all their max spl, and fool watt ratings. Very few give SPL and none give the curves. I have spent hours and hours trying to glean which 410 cab is going to make my 225 watts stand out. Yes, there is tone to consider. This amp can make tone. I think i could plug it into a toaster and with a little tweeking, make tone, and it is subjective and almost indescribable.

    I did just get another one, and am going to mod it like the first...

    Now a good question....paralleling them.

    1. Using the send on one to the return on the phase? easy enough to test and correct, thought maybe you knew.
    2. Parallel Speaker out...i know, risky....put them both at the same level all the way thru, maybe a little resistance between them (.5-1ohm) for safety, double or half the impedance, depending on which side you looking....

    i am dreaming of 400+watts clean tube power. Yes, i have more fuses.

    Thanks Bobby
  17. Both amps will need a correct impedance load attached
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  18. michael tomlin

    michael tomlin

    Dec 8, 2015
    Oh, well "as new" PV-2 came today....going back...mismatched tubes. No output (b+ good) loose tube sockets...looked good...supposedly from Peavey with 3mon warranty (what dealer said when I called them)..Peavey box and everything...second one like this with mismatched tubes...I could have dealt with the tubes....
  19. michael tomlin

    michael tomlin

    Dec 8, 2015
    i am kicking myself right now....i let two of these go locally, i could have driven a few minutes and picked one up. They were all over ebay... Now i cant find one....i could just accept the challenge and try fix the one that i got...but i feel that the seller, although probably honest, misrepresented his product, expecting everything to work out. I would go for it, but i suspect the OT, and i dont know that they are even available...and certainly are expensive. I dont want a BVV3000 or a VB-3 no 'real man' does autobias.. and the reason i chose the VB-2 was the weight...didnt realize the value of the versatile and relatively inexpensive EL34/6CA7.....and there goes half my fun. I remember thinking the same thing about automatic transmissions and fuel injection back in the day. Wouldn't even think of driving a slushbox or toilet one now, but i do like the carb on my jet boat.
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    Too many carbs are not good for you - leads to weight gain and Diabetes!!

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