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Another pedalboard effects order question...

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Godcreep, Jan 13, 2017.

  1. Hi guys,

    I searched and have read a couple of the threads in the Effects section because I wonder what's the best order for my effects. I use a Fender Precision (active) or a Fender Jazz in an Ampeg SVT3 pro.

    I'm new to the pedalboard thingy (recently bought a pedalboard). I play in a metalband (sludge, doomy) and like many of you I have a certain bassound in mind that I'm chasing after. (I love having lots of low-end) Now, I started with a Darkglass B7K and I absolutely love this pedal (!). For distortion I have a Boss ODB 3 (not using it at the moment, because I don't like it that much), and a Proco Rat pedal (sucks my bottom end, yes). I also have an Ibanez Bottom Booster which I plan to use to make up for the Rat pedal (good idea?). So, not a lot of effects but the problem is I have alot of noise, hiss and whistle sounds !!. At home I play in combination with my headphones and there's no problem at all but when I plug the whole thing in my Ampeg SVT3 Pro it gets ugly. Therefore I recently bought a Boss Noise Suppressor NS2, but hadn't the chance to use it yet. For powering everything, I use a Truetone 1 spot adapter combo.

    My question is, as you might guess, in which order you guys would built my (small) pedalboard....what you would add or throw away... I plan to try the ODB3 in the chain and I also have a Big Muff Deluxe which I don't use at the moment. What do you guys think about this ?

    Thanx for your answers !


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  2. I guess the first step would be to start with your B7K and then add pedals until you find out which one's causing the hissing. My guess is that it's going to be the ODB-3. Whenever I turn mine on I get a lot of hissing especially when the treble goes up.

    If you want to use your RAT and bass booster (or an EQ), you could add a loop pedal with those two in the loop so you only need to step on one switch instead of two to engage your distortion. You could also use a Boss Line Selector to blend the RAT with your clean tone to keep your low-end.

    The other alternative would be to get a more bass-specific RAT-sounding pedal or a pedal that's closer to a vintage RAT which keeps more low end. The Fuzzrocious Cat Tail, Dunwich Volt Thrower, Mantic Vitriol, Idiotbox Blower Box, and MXR Bass Distortion are all RAT-based or inspired pedals that give you more low end.

    As far as other pedals, it depends on what your music calls for! Since you're playing sludge/doom, looking at Dave Edwardson's (Neurosis) board could help inspire you.
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  3. Thanx for your reply... Well, at the moment, like I said, I'm not using the ODB3... I think the noise comes first and foremost from the Rat, but also from the combination of the Rat with the bottom booster and the B7K, so that's why I've added a noise suppressor. I wonder where to put the Darkglass best, in front or at the end...

    First I have my polytune pedal, my noise suppressor, my Rat pedal, the Ibanez Bottom Booster and my Darkglass B7K. I made sure the pedals (Rat>Bottom Booster>Darkglass) are connected with the noise suppressor like it should be (Return / Send)

    Like you said I'm considering replacing the Rat with a better distortion pedal (maybe a Fulltone OCD) and buying a line selector to use it as a blend so I don't lose bottom-end... never thought I was going to use more than one pedal... but once the virus kicks in... :)
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  4. Ah gotcha, didn't realize you weren't using the ODB-3 at all. So does the hissing show up when you just have the B7K + RAT, or is it with B7K + Rat + Bass Booster? Isolating the pedals will help you figure out which pedal is the problem. And if it's the RAT, you may not even need a line selector or noise suppressor if you replace it with a more bass-friendly OD or distortion.
  5. I changed the Rat with a Heavy Metal HM-2 pedal and I'm pleasantly surprised, forgot I had the HM-2 here somewhere. :)

    I also wonder what a Darkglass B3K in combination with my B7k would do...

    BTW... I LOVE Neurosis! Grtz
  6. Nobody else that has an opinion on this .... ?
  7. You could try and use the b7k as your preamp and go directly into effects return on your amp. It might help with hiss and noise.
    And good find with the hm-2, great distortion with bass if you just turn down the gain some.

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