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  1. First: I apologize for this, I know I should be able to determine the answer, but despite going through the FAQ, executing several searches, etc., I still can't wrap my logic-deficient head around it.

    If I run a GK 400 RB into an Aguilar GS112 will I be using all 240 watts of the GK? The GS112 is rated 300 watts, 8 ohms. If I were later to add a second GS112, how many watts would the head be pushing?

    I think if someone can help me with that example, I might finally be able to get my meager mind around the watt/ohm/speaker/efficiency thing.

    Background: I'm looking to put together a nice small set-up for small/medium size club gigs in nyc. So I'm open to other recommendations.

  2. brianrost

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    Apr 26, 2000
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    The 400RB III puts out 240 watts into 4 ohms but the GS112 is 8 ohms so you are not getting the full 240 watts. The amp is putting out a litle more than half that...maybe 150 watts.

    If you add a second GS112, the amp will see 4 ohms, put out 240 watts and each cabinet will get 120 watts.

    For small clubs it should be plenty loud.
  3. soularis


    Jul 3, 2003
    Illinois, USA
    brianrost, how are you liking the sound through the GS112? I'm looking for a cab about the same size as yours for the 400RB, an old one. Are these Aguilar cabs any good? Thanks.
  4. The GK with one GS112 or with two GS112? I was hoping to get away with just one for bit. I really want to be portable as much as possible.

    But, thanks for the clarification on the power issue.