another relationship dilemma thread...well sorta

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  1. theres this girl i just started dating. shes older than me by six months...
    anyway, what do you guys do when your tight on cash for the things you want her to have? cause you know - parents just dont hand over the green anymore. considering my situation is three pennies and a ball of lint. i had a job, but i stopped so i could train for x-country. i wont have a job until the end of fall. you guys know how it is? money is tight, and its a shame that it can get in the way of more important things involved in relationships. whoever said money doesnt make happiness, well...;)
  2. Nick Gann

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    Mar 24, 2002
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    Sell something, donate blood, mow lawns, walk dogs, do this, do that, do what it takes.
  3. Wrong Robot

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    Apr 8, 2002
    Go around the house and do simple but funny arts and crafts projects then sell them on ebay.

    I got this Idea from rob cockerham at

    You'd be amazed what a bar of soap made out to look like a digital camera can sell for ;)

    the point is, any materials you have, if you can think of anything really funny and/or creative people will buy it, and if it's really good, people will fight over it, and you could get a good chunk of scratch.
  4. Get her something from the heart...

    Like jewelery! ;)

    Naw dude...if she is robbin' you for your cash,ditch her man.

    Another Suggestion:

    Give her 1 free ticket to Volume Fiend's Bed Room;) :oops:

  5. temp5897

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    If money and things you buy with money are what makes her happy, stop seeing her immediately.
  6. There are things that you can give her that no amount of money can buy, and these things are more valuable than any material item.

    Spend time with her, do things for her, and show her that you care for her. If that isn't good enough for her, she isn't good enough for you.

    There are plenty of things you can do that are either free or very inexpensive, use your imagination - here are a few suggestions:

    Go see school plays; rent movies instead of going to theaters to see first run ones; go to museums; just go for walks together and talk; go to the library; find out what she does for fun, and do that with her.

    Good luck.
  7. i think gard nailed it.
  8. P. Aaron

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    Yes he did.

    Volumefiend, you gotta be happy about this relationship too!
  9. Matthew Bryson

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    Jul 30, 2001
    Well, when I really want something and I don't have the money for it...I go without. I suggest you and your girlfriend do the same.
  10. yeah.
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    ZanderStarr, when did you (re)join Talkbass?
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    HAHAHA look at Zander's signature!

    "Don't be so mean
    FiElDy SI GOD"

    Haha, I love how he spelled "is" wrong!:D :rolleyes:
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    As kids, we envied adults because they had money. As adults we envy kids because they have time. Time is always more valuable. You can replace money but not time. Right now, my wife would much rather have time. Time to talk, time to take a walk, time to enjoy each other. Sure, I could use some more cash, but time gets me much more. Use your time wisely. Cash comes and goes, time just goes.