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  1. There are lots of threads and opinions on effects chains and the orders pedals should go in, but I'd like some opinions on MY chain, if anybody would care to oblige. Thanks.

    The way i'm thinking so far:

    Bass/ Boss ME50-B (used for compressor, noise suppressor and tuner)/ Digitech Whammy/ Morley PDW-2/ EHX Little Big Muff/ Danelectro Milkshake Chorus/ Ashdown Mag250 C115

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    Hmm, I disagree. Many fx loops are not designed for pedals- he'll need to read the manual for the Ashdown (or experiment) to find out if that amp's loop is an exception.

    I actually think the lineup shown above is pretty good; I would just try the Muff in a variety of placements in the chain (including in front of the Boss) to see where it sounds best.
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    What Bongo just said. Of the pedals listed, only the chorus MIGHT sound ok in the loop. I'd leave everything as is, mostly.
  4. I tried using the effects loop and there was no real difference in how the effects sounded. However, I'm not likely to use that set up regularly as while gigging I don't always get to use my own amp, so things would be a bit less predictable.

    One thing is, though, I used to put the multi-effect last in my chain and the noise suppressor did a great job of cutting the noise from the pedals without really sacrificing any tone. Now that it's first, however, there is a bit of pedal noise creeping in, particularly from the muff (although it's always gonna be noisy). I'm not sure about having the compressor (also built in to multi-effect) after the overdrives though... It used to be okay, but the ODs I'm using now are more powerful...