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Another slapping thread (Boy don't you get sick of these?)

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by ThePaste, Dec 29, 2000.

  1. Whenever I 'attempt' to slap, I usually just hold my thumb parralel to the string and rotate my wrist. But sometimes, the bass of my thumb hits the string, and mostly my thumb hits two strings.

    Does anyone know any good sites with a slap tutorial? Or one of you 'slapmeisters' could give me a detailed article to go along with the old articles I've searched.

  2. I don't "slap" as a primary technique but use it for emphasis so I've not researched it a lot (I think I've developed my own way of doing it that's natural) but, i was given a Victor Wooten video as a christmas gift. sort of random, not a huge fan, but it was really neat to see how that guy does it! He uses a double thumbing technique that he says is like usring your thumb as a guitar pick slapping down and resting on thenext string and then striking the string on the way up with the back of the nail. It's kind of tricky (takes coordination - Doh!) but is unique and a good way to practice hitting the right string.

    I would say chill out a bit and practice slapping slowly until you feel comfortable. Personally I think slapping is overrated and overemphasized if not annoying...but still it has its place.
  3. Atrax


    Dec 27, 2000
    Sometimes i use the 'heel' of my thumb to mute anyway. my style used to be that my thumb wasn't parallel to the string, so just turning my hand a little allowed muting. Now i play 5-string so i've had to modify my style a little. I'm now a lot closer to parallel, so I ocassionally have a little trouble with this

    just paying attention to where your thumb goes is the way to conquer this. it took me a few days (and i still occassionally muss up when i'm not paying attention) but now it works the way i like it

  4. I officially have the worst slap technique in the world.

    I hold my hand palm open towards the strings, with my fingers hooked and ponting down. I hold my thumb at about 45 dregees to the strings and hook my thumb over to hit the A and D with the thumb joint.
    It works for me but doesnt sound 'the best' - thats my only issue with my technique. - it sounds more percussive and twangy like Les, rather than beefy and thumping like some of the REAL great slappers!

    It gets me buy cause I dont use it much, I can slap accurately and pretty fast, so I guess it's not too bad.

    It's also good casue I dont have to have my bass up by my chin to slap.

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