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Another speaker box building query

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by DryWater'Bass, May 9, 2002.

  1. OK, I've selected my speakers....For my 2x10w/horn....They're the 10"M.I.Woofer from http://www.partsexpress.com I've looked at the right sized box, and don't really get the measurements.....I know it HAS to be 24" wide by 14"deep and can be any height.....I'm looking at round ports, 4x5 from speakerhole.com....3/4" plywood construction....Now...exactly what other stuff do I need to start building, besides a height and the stuff to build with???

    ::::EDIT::::I'm using either an eden or a carvin horn....and I think it'll need ~3 cubic feet, not sure...and it needs to be able to play pretty low...the speakers will go to 33hz, which if I could get that in the box, it'd be cool.....Comments, answers...Do I have some sort of direction here???Am I doin good for a 3 day'er?bgavin and joris....You're the guys I've heard about, how can I get this to work??
  2. What model?
    What is the parts express part number?

    Can't help without it.
  3. #290-390...It looks to be a good woofer, with a better freq. response than any other, and since i'm runnig both cabs, full range through them, I have to be able to get close to a low B, and 33hz is 2 hz above....OK, I'm clay, mold me!!
  4. This driver is not acceptable. I added it to my spread sheet anyway.
  5. Well....That kinda sucks...OK, I'll raise my stakes until they CAN'T be wrong....What about the eminence Legend B102, it's 79.99 from M/F....I figured that I can't go wrong with something like this....What kinda stats am I looking at?I'm looking now somewhere along the lines of 24Wx13Tx14D, which is about 2.5 Cubic feet, I almost KNOW it'll need to be bigger....What can I do to lower the tuning of it to about 40-45hz?I know almost nothing about it....But I'm studying with every online tutorial I can find....and I'm calculating stuff for it...Will porting differently get my tuning Freq. lower?and how do I construct say, slot ports?I dunno I just need the thing to work, cost fairly much threw out the window, 160 for speakers, about 80 for a horn, about 45 for an eden crossover....What am I looking towards?I'm clay, as I say, mold....The first time, I was a little to dry...maybe I'll be suitable now!!
  6. Download my spread sheet and check the drivers in it.
  7. geshel

    geshel Supporting Member

    Oct 2, 2001
    You'll find that the "Frequency Response" spec for raw drivers is almost useless. At least for the low number. The specs you're interested in are Fs, Qts, and Vas (and Xmax, and. . .). Until you know what they mean and how they work together, designing your own cab is pointless. You can build based on someone else's design (like using bgavin's spreadsheets), sure.
  8. From another thread:

    I hope this helps.
  9. bgavin....Joris....I thank you for the help, but I'm stuck ont he spreadsheet, I don't have M/s Excel....Am I just screwed?
  10. Parts Express has a Selenium WPU1507 on sale until 5/15/02. It's priced at $104.xx.
    This is a real good bass speaker for cheap. Huge magnet, 500 watt power, good (96db) efficiency, fs of 36hz and vas of 5.33 ft. I stuck one in a 3.8 cu. ft box with a round 4" port about 3 1/2 inch long and I am impressed. If you play a four string, you'd be very happy with this. I play 5 string (mim j std) and it starts to give up on the open B however a little eq(if you have the power) fixes that. Better hurry, I think I just might get another one before the sale is over.

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