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another SX review....

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by sheepdog, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. sheepdog


    Feb 20, 2003
    Birmingham, AL
    (feel free to add this to the other thread)

    A quick review for those considering an SX. An ebassist forum member let me borrow his SX Jazz (burgundy transp on quilt/perloid white pickguard/gold hardware). Let me just say, that I was incredibly grateful for this gesture, but I was expecting an ugly bass. The pictures did not make it look very attractive (not a fan of gold hardware). Well.....

    When I got the bass, looks-wise it blew me away. Really an attractive bass. I wouldn't have picked the color combinations, but they really work well together. Pictures don't do it justice. The bass seems to be very well put together. Frets have no sharp edges. Only down side is they use the same size pickup for neck and bridge (to save money I assume). This causes the strings to be slightly off center at the neck pickup. No biggie....it's only a $140 bass. Some fret buzz, but some minor trussrod and saddle adjustment fixed it (I detune DGCF, btw).

    The sound.....HOLY CRAP! I plugged it into my passive input on my amp and had to turn it down to .5/10 (yes....1/2 out of 10). Tried the active input and it was still almost too hot. I finally took the opportunity to bypass the noisy preamp on my Behringer combo and plugged it straight into the amp. Plenty of output, even without the preamp. Probably need more for gigging, but plenty for practice. The pots had no noise and felt solid. This bass has some serious bottom end (especially for a jazz). The neck pickup soloed almost sounds P-ish (especially with the tone rolled off a bit). Not sure if a series/parallel switch would even be needed. This thing has some serious bottom! Stock pickups had a nice growly jazz tone to it. Maybe not SD Antiqu, but once again....$140 bass. Killer sound, even for twice the cost. I actually tend to play it with the neck pickup at about 70% and the bridge at 100%. Almost too much at the neck with it at 100%. But that is a good thing, easier to roll it off than try to boost the bottom end. Also, with the pickups soloed, I didn't notice any hum. I assume this bass isn't shielded and has single coils....no hum though.

    This has convinced me that I definately want to give an SX a shot. Definately worth the money.