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Another Tell me what sucks thread

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by Dave, Jul 14, 2005.

  1. My band is currently doing our first bit of recording and I was wanting a little feedback from some experienced musicians as to what you guys think of it.

    As a warning, The cymbals at the beginning of "Who You Are" are really loud, Im gonna fix it, but just so you know.

    Here a site i whipped up to host the songs.

  2. alapantera


    Mar 22, 2004
    Who Are You - Liked the song. There seems to be some kind of popping noise with the vocals that's very distracting to me, but otherwise they sound pretty good (i don't know if it's actually a problem with the recording like clipping or noise from encoding into an mp3). the drums are way to low in the mix (usually it ends up the other way around) towards the end of the song you kind of forget there's even drums on the track... they just blend in with the guitar too much. The kick drum sounds like you're beating on a cardboard box (thud). bass is also too (maybe just a little though) low in the mix and i'm not sure i like the tone... a little too much mids for my taste, doesn't really add much of a bottom to the song. And finally I really like the guitar tone and levels compared to the vox's i think you nailed that aspect of the song.

    Holy - Levels are pretty good on this one. I still hear some of that same popping noise... maybe it's just me and my delusions. bass tone was vastly improved. drums actually are heard and add to the song now. I'm still not sure i'm sold on the sound of the kick drum though. Just my opinion.

    I'm deffinately no studio expert so take all this with a grain of salt. overall some good songwriting and a pretty good start with the recordings. Just need to do some tweeking now.
  3. The "drums" arent actually drums. Its a Cajon ( See here , not exact one but you get the idea). As far as the bass and cajon levels, they have been raised slightly already, just dont have the new file.

    As far as the popping is, it must be from converting to mp3, because it wasnt on the original file, I'll have a listen again.

    Thanks for listening, I may be adding another song in the next few days when I get ahold of a new cd.

  4. Anyone else want to comment.

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