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Another Temple Audio Thread

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by LiquidMidnight, Jun 12, 2016.

  1. LiquidMidnight


    Dec 25, 2000
    Hey all,

    This is another thread about Temple Audio boards. I have two general philosophies when it comes to pedal boards:

    1. A board should make your life easier, not more difficult.
    2. Your bass or guitar should sound just as good, if not better, plugging into the board as it would plugging directly into the amp.

    I finally got sick of Velcro and its cousins. I tried it all, including 3M and Godlyke. Some pedals stayed secure through everything, while other pedals always needed reattached at the gig. When pedals move, cables move, and there's always the worry that a connection became loose somewhere. In the quest to adhere to the first philosophy, I decided to give the Temple Audio stuff a whirl.

    A Trio 21 arrived last week. I generally hate wiring up and putting together pedal boards, but I didn't mind putting this one together. Some posters have stated that they found it difficult to get pedals to lock into the specific holes that they wanted, but I found that process to be very easy. It's also nice that the screws will lock in and securely hold a pedal when screwed into one of the larger holes for cable runs. The only one somewhat problematic design flaw I found is that the screws either need to have a lower profile or the plates to raise pedals higher. The reason I say this is because the screws holding in units on the underside won't clear the bottoms of units on the top side. Since you can pretty much stick a plate anywhere on a unit and it will hold without a problem, it's not a super big deal; you can make it all work with a little planning. But I think taking care of that problem will really make life easier and the product more valuable.

    The AC inlet is high quality. Right now, I'm just plugging straight into the Microthumpinator, but I'm going to order an output module and solder an output cable. Originally, I wanted to mount the wireless underneath and run the antennae out the side of the board, but to do that effectively, I found I would have needed to elevate the receiver a little bit, else the antennae would be setting on the lips of the module bays. I didn't have anything handy to elevate it and I figured it just wasn't worth the hassle. Plus, I like being able to see my battery level on the receiver.

    I've posted pics. As you can tell, I mounted the plate crooked on the looper and the MXR OD is a bit crooked as well. I'll eventually fix that, if only for my OCD. I was really hoping to run more patch cables underneath the board, but that's just not how the build went. Maybe one day I'll shell out the cash to wire it all up with George Ls and run the cables through the small holes if only for aesthetics. Right now, it's wired with Hosa and EBS cables.



    For those interested, my current signal chains is:

    Main Chain:
    -Line 6 G50 Wireless
    -EBS Unichorus
    -EWS BMC
    -KLIQ tuner
    -Tech21 VT Deluxe
    -American Loopers true bypass loop
    -Empress Compressor
    -ISP Decimator
    -SFX Microthumpinator

    Loop 1:
    -MXR Bass Overdrive
    -Darkglass VMT
    -One Control Hooker's Green Bass Machine

    Loop 2:

    -Wounded Paw Blender
    -Foxrox Octron
    -SFX Micro Fuzz

    I'm honestly not feeling the Green Bass Machine. I'm currently waiting for an OD build from JohnK, so I'll probably be replacing it once I receive the JohnK pedal.

    As far as my second philosophy, the bass does sound better through the board than plugged straight in. Between the buffering, the compression, and the Microthumpinator, it sounds great. I think the VT has a great buffer on it, which is why I like having it in the primary signal chain. The only reason I have the ISP on the board is to quell any hiss from the compressor or any of the dirt pedals if they are in the chain at idle. I could get away without it, but I like a rig that has no extraneous noise at all. Otherwise, the signal is very quiet.
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  2. CharlieC

    CharlieC Supporting Member

    Aug 20, 2010
    New York, NY

    +1 on using the Hosa cables :thumbsup:

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