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another what cab should i get post

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by mrniceguy715, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. mrniceguy715


    May 2, 2006
    But my first of this nature. I have a chance at getting a few different cabs right now. Prob is I haven't ever played thru any of the only reviews on the web so far.

    The choices are a gk 212 8ohms, a 21012r 4ohm or an avatar 212. The avatar if 8 ohm would more than likely find a 210 mate later. The amps pushing these will be either a gk fusion 550 or a gk mb2 500. I play mostly r and b neo soul stuff and funk.

    Just looking for some input from other players. Also feel free to suggest other cabs too my budget would be about 500 new or used.
  2. Horny Toad

    Horny Toad Guest

    Mar 4, 2005

    Of everything you've listed, I'd go with the 21012 and Fusion 550. That would be sweet.
  3. mrniceguy715


    May 2, 2006
    looks like I will be using a pair of aggie gs112's if I can buy them off a friend of mine
  4. I just sold a pair of GS112's to fund a 21012L. But I thought they GS112's were great cabs. I ran em with the LMII like many do. I felt a need to boost the low mid knob a hair. I usually kept everything else flat.

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