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  1. Hello
    I´m refreting a Cort Viva 4 strings neck-thru.
    The hex is completely stripped, I cant figure out how could somebody strip it to this point...
    Anyway this is a double action truss, so is not posible to remove the hex...

    Stewmac gripper truss Rod wrench looks the right tool, but I dont have one...
    My first though is use a dremel disk to make some notches in the hex to allow the use of a big phillips screwdriver.
    For any reason I dont catch people is very hessitant to EPOXY a new wrench in the stripped hex or something... can anyone elaborate this, cause this is the second option I´m considering...

    Which is the proper way to deal with this.

  2. Hi.

    I would grind a conical hex wrench, like the StewMac one or drive a Torx or Assy bit in there to form new socket to grip on.
    IF the nut is not an encased one.

    Some people swear by the "JB-Weld" method where one would use chemical metal to form a new socket, but over the 3 decades or so that I have used various chemical metals of all sorts for everything imaginable and a for a few things that You probably couldn't imagine, I for one wouldn't even attempt that.

    Do keep in mind that if the dual action TR is of a "nut in a barrel" type, You're SOL. The opening won't let You drive anything there. Been there, done that, and now the FB is off.

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    If you go with epoxy, make sure it's regular JB, not the quick junk. Personally if I was doing it I would use the solid epoxy STEEL putty; not messy and I've had good results with it, although not in this specific use. I think it would work well if you used a size smaller Allen key. Within an hour you could remove the Allen and let it cure overnight. Put Vaseline on the Allen so it releases. Or just epoxy an allen stub in there.