ANTIBALAS Afrobeat Orchestra at Winnipeg Jazz Festival!!!! (and other reviews)

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  1. And what a show! One of the best performances i've ever seen, and definitely the tightest and most entertaining. They started off with "Gabe's New Joint" and went through a few songs from their catalog and a few Fela tunes, performed amazingly.

    Funny thing is that this show was at a club, yet i came across quite a few friendly "smokers" around... :) :rolleyes:

    I also witnessed some of the city's best jazz musicians performing a tribute to Miles. They even did tunes like circles and freedom jazz dance, and a version of "So What" arranged by the pianist for the four trumpets playing at the tribute.

    The night before the miles tribute i caught Moses Mayes, the funkiest, groooviest band i've seen. Amazing musicians, a DJ and over all an incredible basist.

    Anyways, i urge you to see Antibalas or Moses Mayes if you get the chance to. Great Music and great people.
  2. slam

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    Mar 22, 2000
    I love Antibalas. In fact I started a thread about them yesterday in Recordings. I am glad to see them getting some appreciation. Every time I see them live I dance like crazy. A great example of 14+ musicians playing simple syncopated riffs that blend into a phat funky stew.

    I posted a link to a streaming live show recording in my thread if you want to check it out. Plus there are a few more show links on their home page.
  3. aaron f.

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    Oct 21, 2000
    yeah Winnipeg can have a cool music scene, the local bands are pretty good too. Venetian Snares is playing on the 5th, cool sounds hard to categorize.