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Discussion in 'Basses [DB]' started by ZombieGhosTrain, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. PATION!

    Delivery guy called, my double bass will be here in an hour or so. That will mark the beginning of my DB career. Oh the joy! I've waited a month, the model I wanted was on backorder. After waiting, they still didn't have it, so they upgraded me (for free) to another bass that was a few hundred extra that I couldn't afford. Can't wait!:hyper: :D
  2. ispider6


    Jan 30, 2005
    Congrats ZGT. You are about to embark on a journey filled with joy and laughter, tears and frustration, back pain and calluses. But mostly joy and laughter.
  3. and black fingers. Good ol' ebony fingerboard. Transitioning from electric bass to DB wasn't that bad, granted I've been playing for a few hours only. Looking into lessons tomorrow, and places to take my bridge down a bit so I can slap.

    It is a higher-end CCB, Merano, for about 700 bucks, I paid 500 as I said earlier. I was kind of scared after reading the warnings, but it's great. I opened it up and was amazed at the beautiful finish and grain in the wood, amazing stuff. Put the bridge on and it sounded great, so I hope the rest of my journey is this positive.

    :bassist: < Where is the double bass version?
  4. Those black fingers are from a dye to pass off a fingerboard as ebony. It just might be ebony, but not the high-grade ebony that is black.

    I hope the upright I'm getting doesn't have a dyed fingerboard. I had a Les Paul years ago that had a dyed fretboard... I hated that.
  5. Yeah I read about that a few days before I got it. I was really impressed with this supposed CCB, Merano. It's beautiful, and sounds great. The bridge is obscenely high, but I'm having it taken down a bit for slapping, and I've got some weed whackers on the way. Then the fun begins!

    They dyed a Les Paul? Never heard of that on electric guitars/basses.

    Oh, and that "free bow" that comes with it? I may not be an arco player but I've seen the Led Zeppelin video footage of Dazed and Confused....watch out starcaster!

    Tried it, Page makes it look so easy. Plus he had a violin bow, mine was a tad larger...
  6. Dude, are you for serious?

    Just in case you are not kidding, let me try to help...

    Slap on UB usually means higher, not lower action so you can get you fingers under the strings. I hate to tell you, slap on upright ain't anything like slap on electric bass. Try getting Lee Rocker's video.

    And now for the good part...You put the bridge on? What about the soundpost? Holy crap!

  7. Soundpost was in place, and yeah the bridge was..interesting to get on.

    But, about the height of the strings, maybe I did not clarify. At the end of the fingerboard, they are about 2+ inches high? I can get my (big) hand under there. I pull back the strings as hard as I feel safe and they don't go down far enough to contact the fingerboard. I heard you want the height to be enough so you can get your fingers under it, but your hand? I was checking these out... http://scotthinds.tripod.com/

    Thanks for bringing it up because I do not really know, and would like to get it straightened out. String height compared to jazz? I can post pics tomorrow, if it would help.

    What I'm inferring here is for alot of slapping, strings should be high enough so you can get your fingers under to pull it up and pluck it, yet low enough to click and make contact with the fingerboard.

    Thanks for the Lee Rocker video suggestions, I'll go look for it this weekend.
    Thanks! Any advice is quite appreciated!
  8. I didn't even imagine the action could be that high. I guess that's what you get for $500.

    Anyhow, I suggest you take it to a luthier that specialized in upright basses for a set up.

    I'm no luthier myself, but I think soundposts are usually held in place by the tension of the strings, on the bridge, pushing down on the top. Your's would have been glued in place?

    If you go to a luthier who knows what he's doing, he can do the soundpost, work on the fingerboard if you want, and do the bridge. If you want to be able to raise and lower the action yourself later, get an adjustable bridge.

  9. Ok I didn't have my bass on hand before, the string height is around 30 mm. I do have an adjustable bridge, so I think the knobs gave it that added height. Next week I'm taking it in for a setup, thanks guys.
  10. Yeah you'll be amazed with what a setup can do. I bought a DeVille upright for $548 shipped to my door. Same situation when I opened it and put on the bridge, luckely I knew how to line it up...haha. Brought it in for profesional setup. They sanded and resurfaced my rosewood (GASP) fingerboard, which is actually decent I suppose. But check your fingerboard for buzzing, make sure it's straight and not all bumpy. The adjustable bridge is really nice... lets see what else did they do...new strings of course, new endpin and pole, readjusted the soundpost (CRITICAL) and got a new steel cable to hold the tailpiece. It'll work wonders for your instrument, it'll sound much better and be worth much more..haha its a great alternative if you dont have the cash for an amazing bass. Oh yeah and the bow...its not gonna be pretty. I'd suggest getting a new one, don't bother with that one. Happy playing!
  11. Thanks, I actually just took it in today. Setup and weedwhackers. He said it was nice for a chinese bass, yet laughed at the ridiculous bridge. And the fingerboard is real ebony, as advertised, awesome.

    As far as the bow goes, I tried it (never bowed before in my life) and it was..interesting. But I shalln't be bowing on this slaptastic rockabilly machine.