Anticipation: picking up Peavey TNT 130

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by rwp1993, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. rwp1993


    Oct 10, 2011
    I'm rolling the dice on a Peavey TNT 130 today. Showed up on cl for $20. Photos indicate it's dirty, missing 2 or 3 knobs and one jack. Seller says it's functional with noisy pots. I'm going to look today, but it's probably worth a fix as long as the speaker is OK. I'll take this one on as a personal project but I do have a good repair guy when all else fails.
  2. sanderic


    Jun 3, 2011
    buy a lottery ticket on your way to pick up the amp because today might be your lucky day. However, if the amplifier does not work, as-is, be vary wary. I believe the input jacks are directly connected to a circut board, so a missing jack might be a sign of a damaged input. Also, if you hear a loud hum and the output is weak, then avoid at all cost, as you may have a blown output transistor. Lastly, check the speaker, if it is a black widow, then buy it just for the speaker. If it does work, then pick up some contact cleaner on the way back. I own and use a Peavey TNT130 (its the best rig in my garage). The amp chassis is fairly easy to remove from the cabinet to clean the pots. Whatever you do, dont buy the amp thinking that it can be repaired ( It can be repaired, but many techs charge $40 an hour, and used TNTs in working condition can be found for $100 to $150.)
  3. I'd be wary of picking it up on your own - it's defintately a 2 man lift - weighs a tonne that beast ;)
  4. rwp1993


    Oct 10, 2011
    Well, picked up the amp today. Thanks for the advice. It does function and controls work. It's not as dirty and beaten as I anticipated. I'm going to heed the above advice and any additional suggestions. I will disassemble and inspect, clean pots, etc. Haven't had time to even look closely at the speaker. I would like to isolate the components and test individually. I was thinking about plugging the speaker into the external jack of another amp and checking it alone. Is this reasonable?

    Any help appreciated.

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  5. will33


    May 22, 2006
    Yeah, you can test it that way. BTW, the speaker with the sawed off edges is a scorpion, not a BW but for $20 and a little cleaning I wouldn't complain. Nice score.
  6. sanderic


    Jun 3, 2011
    Congrats on your purchase. you can't unplug the TNT speaker internaly, and replug into another amp, the speaker wires come directly off of a circut board. You would have to undo the speaker wiring from the TNT and run a seperate cable from the other amp. DO NOT TRY TO RUN INTO THE TNT SPEAKER WITHOUT DISCONNECTING IT FIRST FROM THE TNT. I have seen people do this and blow an output transistor on the TNT ( yes, even if the TNT is turned off). I do see that the missing jack is on the electronic crossover, which most people dont use, so it looks like you may have gotten a great deal. Make sure you get casters for the amp, or your back will eventualy be in the shape mine is in.
  7. rwp1993


    Oct 10, 2011

    Was able to pull amp out of cabinet and inspect and test. The "missing" jack had lost the retaining nut and was intact inside the cabinet. The two input jacks are connected to the board by a multiplug; there appears to have been some modification to one of them.

    The speaker (disconnected from amp) appears to work fine, only tested with makeshift wires and a radio headphone output. I'll have to get it together with an amp with an external speaker jack. The amp itself has a bit of static and erratic operation, but I think this is partially due to my "extension" wiring for the speaker. All in all, I will probably have a tech test the amp and connections, but I may provide for using the amp as a speaker cab if the speaker turns out good. What I have in mind is putting a speaker jack in the back of the cabinet wired to the speaker so I can plug it into another amp. I also will wire the speaker outputs from the amp into a jack on the back of the chassis. This way I can use the speaker till I get the amp repaired (if) and then use a patch cord to connect the amp and speaker (and also use the amp with other speakers if needed.
  8. So, you're just using this amp as an extension cabinet? Sell it for a profit.
  9. hrgiger


    Jan 11, 2009
    man you STOLE that thing. read what all the satisfied tnt130 customers have to say here on TB...:bassist:

    here's the manual:

    Peavey TNT 130 manual
  10. 1n3


    Sep 13, 2007
    Southwest USA
    If I understand correctly, you don't yet know if the amp works. The missing jack in front is for biamping, so not an immediate problem, I'd guess.

    The 130 is my favorite TNT. I like the EQ circuit, particularly the fully-parametric midrange.

    Given the current market value of these, it's hard to justify spending a ton of money repairing one, so I hope yours doesn't need much.
  11. rwp1993


    Oct 10, 2011
    Thanks for the comments. I did my initial inspection to try to determine any obvious faults with the amp and to determine the state of the speaker. Now I know:

    1) speaker seems to be fine.
    2) amp has a modification to the dual input wiring, probably explaining why the low gain input is not working.
    3) No other apparent changes or repairs to the amp other than some extension wiring added to the speaker wire to allow removal at some past point.

    Since the amp section is self-contained except for the speaker, I was considering taking it to a tech as is for testing. This would ease the trouble of lugging the cabinet/speaker. I'm hoping the amp only needs a bit of input jack rewiring and a general cleanup. If so it will go back to its rightful place.

    My idea of adding a speaker jack in the back of the amp section and a speaker input to the back of the cabinet was to allow use of the 1x15 speaker if the amp is trashed and/or to use the amp with an external cabinet if needed. There is currently not an external speaker jack. for "normal' use I will use a speaker patch cord between the internal amp and the internal speaker.

    I did satisfy my immediate needs for a bass amp today....picked up a Fender Rumble 15 as part of a package from a closing music studio. Paid the equivalent of about $25 for it in perfect shape. (also picked up a Roc Pro 1000 for about $50, but that's another story).

    Hope this explains my thinking. All comments and suggestions are welcomed.

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