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  1. Ok, I can't help it, I'm addicted to this show... actually there are very few TV shows that actually get my attention, but ARS and now, Pawn Stars are two must watches, for me.
    Anyway, I'm watching ARS on PBS last night and a guy brings in a guitar case... hmmm, I say to myself, old looking case, can't wait to see what's inside...
    OPens the case and my jaw drops! It's a Strat and an old one at that. The serial number on the back plate reads...
    00047! Yes, it was the 47th Strat ever made! So old in fact, that the p/u covers and the control knobs had disintegrated and were the only parts not original the the guitar.
    The current owner, only the guitars 2nd ever owner had to replace the knobs and p/u covers.
    The finish on the guitar was still very much in tact, but it was the grain on it, that really caught my eye... all the grain ran from the tail to the neck socket, none ran from top to bottom on the guitar.
    And, to add to this beauty, the guy who had it, bought it off the original owner, he had the original order form and receipt for the guitar, for $3000.00, 15 years ago.
    The expert on ARS estimated it's value at between $50,000.00and $70,000.00. Current owner was well, pleased!:hyper:
    What a wonderful specimen!
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  3. I just went to the ARS site. They have posted some of the highlights of the show, but alas, not this particular portion of the show... which is very unfortunate, because really, how much rarer can it be? None more rarer!
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    I live in Mobile, and I know the guy. His name is Paul, I'll not reveal his last name out of respect for his privacy. He's a collector, and he knew exactly what that Strat was worth. He's a medical professional (Anesthesia I think) and has a room on the third floor of his house that's environmentally controlled for his collection of guitars. He knew exactly what he had, the surprise was all for show. He's been collecting for 30 years or more. Nice guy, but the luckiest cuss you have ever seen. He can smell the guitar under the bed with all the tags and case candy that the 90 year old lady bought for her late husband in the 50's and he never learned to play. And when she says "Well, I paid $100 for it" he'll talk her down to $60 cause it's old.
  5. Nice! lol
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    I thought back in the 50s, they just had a box of parts they used, including the back plates? So whatever they grabbed, is the number.
    I could be wrong, but I don't think so. Maybe it was just like that for basses.
  7. That may be true (but I know nothing about it), but regardless, if you have a certified 1954 Strat with the original documentation, it's gonna be one of the first few ever made. If it's only the difference between being the 47th ever made and say, the 65th, who cares!
    That thing is magnificent. Oh my god I wonder how it sounds.
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    Not too cool, although the Strat is nice. The Roadshow 'expert' doesn't really know what he's talking about.
    I also dislike people that go on The Antiques Roadshow already knowing exactly what they have. Unless, of course, it turns out to be a fake. Then it's great TV.
  9. I first watched Antiques Roadshow when I was playing in Vegas Years ago . I would get back to my Hotel room in the wee hours of the morning and search the TV channels for something to watch. Interesting show. I must be getting old
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    Wow. The 47th neck plate to be made. ;)
  11. I remember one episode of that Pawn show, there was someone selling an ejector seat out of a military plane! I was like who the (*#& is gonna buy that???
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    I'm pretty sure it was the same for the guitars as well. David Gilmour has a Strat with the serial number 00001. It wasn't first one made, but it's still pretty old and valuable.

    There's a market out there for it. Although a very small one, but the people who would want/need something like that have the money for it. I don't remember if the shop ended up buying the chair though. I've seen just about every episode except for the new ones as I don't have cable in my apartment, but I'll catch up
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    Oh, yeah!
    Don't get me wrong. That's still absolutely magnificent!
    I just wanted to make sure that it MIGHT not be the 47th strat.
    Same thing about David Gilmour's 00001 strat. still amazing, but probably not #1
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    Here is a very valuable 1957 Stratocaster on Antiques Roadshow.

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    And the expert they brought in told them it was a good thing they didn't sit in it and pull the firing handles. It was still live.
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    I need to check off topic more often. The aforementioned Paul is my father. Yep, I'm the (then) kid with the $hit eating grin on my face.

    Almost everything Smokin Toaster said is true. We honestly didn't know the guitar was worth that much. We thought maybe 20-25k, but the look of shock is genuine.

    What we really wanted appraised was an original 1830's Stauffer Martin, but when the guy saw the tweed case, he flipped.

    Also, the guitar is not the 47th strat made. It's actually the 3rd. Took the springs off the tremolo in the back and the body is marked 3 under the clear coat.
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    Wow. To bad Bill Carson isn't still around. He was the Fender rep for Mobile when I worked at MMI and I bet he would have recognized the guitar. As Leo Fender was developing the Stratocaster He would take the Strat with the latest mods to the guitar that was to become the Stratocaster and take it to gigs and out to clubs to get musicians feedback. I always loved it when he came into MMI. I stopped whatever I was doing and listened to every word that man said. He was walking Fender History. RIP Bill Carson.

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    That makes him not such a nice guy, IMO.