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Any 15" Cabs That Sound Amazing w/o Subs ?

Discussion in 'Live Sound [BG]' started by Session1969, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. Session1969


    Dec 2, 2010
    My brother mentioned to me that there are 15's on stands ( that he's been told ) that sound very close to having subs such as the E.V. ZXA5's. I've been reading alot about the Yamaha DXR15/DSR15 as well.

    Right now we have an eight channel Yamaha powered head and a couple of Yamaha 12 " main cabs and two monitors. Vocals only. The problem is that the kick drum can get buried. We're a six piece funk band that plays in bars of about a hundred or so. Very small towns. My brother will let me use his Presonus mixer and I'm thinking that converting what we have into a monitor system (so that all of our singers have their own monitor) and a couple of the above would be a good way to go. Is this the smart move ? The E.V.'s are about $1,400 each and the Yamaha's are $700/$1000 ea.
  2. Mystic Michael

    Mystic Michael Hip No Ties

    Apr 1, 2004
    New York, NY
    Offhand, I'd think that a pair of just about any high-quality 15-inch mains would work nicely for your needs - whether designed to operate effectively without subs or not - given the relatively small rooms in which you play. Especially since you play funk, which typically works very well at moderate volumes, and doesn't require super-high SPL in order to get across.

    If you were playing high-octane hard rock in larger rooms, it would likely be a different story. But it's not. :meh:

  3. gareth dunster

    gareth dunster

    Dec 8, 2009
    Qsc kw153
  4. gumtown


    May 7, 2007
    New Zealand
    Could also get a powered sub to enhance what you already have.
  5. Zooberwerx

    Zooberwerx Gold Supporting Member

    Dec 21, 2002
    Virginia Beach, VA
    I'd go with 12" mains and a subwoofer(s). You really need to put the bass and kick out front where it belongs. Given the genre and band size, you are correct: the kick drum will get buried very quickly.

  6. I use a peavey XR8600 *(older version) for smaller gigs and a weekly blues jam. Sometimes - I will run without a crossover, I go out from main out on front to a crest cpx1500 and into a single sub. it works well and the tops don't get overwhelmed with lows. a friend used this setup with his smaller 15" subs (2) and I have to be honest......the 18 (Carvin) smoked them. i was a little suprised.

    Like Zoober said - I think the 12's work well with the sub - but I do use 15s sometimes.
  7. tbirdsp

    tbirdsp Supporting Member

    Sep 18, 2012
    Omaha, NE
    I do the same thing using a similar (Behringer) powered mixer with Carvin PM-12's for tops. Run the main out to a Crown XLS2000 into a Carvin LS1800 sub.
  8. 6jase5

    6jase5 Mammogram is down but I'm working manually Supporting Member

    Dec 17, 2007
    San Diego/LA
    I'd add a KW181. I wouldn't revamp the system, just amend and cut some low end duty off your current system which will only help it's clarity.

    ***For best pricing I also suggest Pro Audio Star for just about everything pa related. All of my dj friends use them and I got my pa from the. Saved over $1K off GC/Amazon and Sweetwater's pricing. NO affiliation whatsoever, just easy as can be and ask for their "best price", don't just "add to cart".
  9. 4Mal

    4Mal Supporting Member

    Jun 2, 2002
    Columbia River Gorge
    K10's on Ksub. Tight and punchy bass. Great dispersion, pretty small. The Ksub doesn't do the Dj kind of earth quaking bass thing but it does a great job on bass and drums. Some folks slag 'em as the spec sheet doesn't read like a dj sub ... Sounds really good in a band context though. K10's have a rather broad dispersion and for me, they fit into a lot of spaces well.
  10. superflybass


    Feb 16, 2004
    La Crosse WI
    Check out the turbosound Milan's the 15's. Are very impressive with no subs
  11. Session1969


    Dec 2, 2010
    Thanks for advice !
  12. I heard A set of Powered JBLs, not sure which exact model, that I was told were "on Par" with the QSCK12s. I thought that they had a lot of bass and was suprised at how MUCH - until I realized how loud they were to get that. K12s - kind of the same.

    If that fits your bill - thats cool, but I really try to strive for tolerable volume AND solid bass from Kick - keys, bass, etc. without having to hit the threshold that these did.

    everyones situation is different.
  13. walterw

    walterw Supportive Fender Gold Supporting Member Commercial User

    Feb 20, 2009
    instead of spending money on tops to try and get by with no subs, just get a sub so you don't have to "get by".
  14. the yeti

    the yeti Supporting Member

    Nov 6, 2007
    raleigh, nc
    but it's not just a question of subs. he's also upgrading the monitors (am i reading that correctly?) going to each singer having their own monitor. that can be a bigger deal than whether the kick is heard- if your singers are having trouble hearing themselves.

    to your 1st question i've heard lots of good about the yamaha.

    i will say if you're willing to spend $2800 on 2 EVs why not pick up 2 tops and a powered sub? i think the live x can be had for that, maybe k8s and a kw181. (don't laugh at the 8s unless you've played through them).
  15. tbirdsp

    tbirdsp Supporting Member

    Sep 18, 2012
    Omaha, NE
    Yeah - one band I'm in is looking at two EV ELX112P tops and a single ELX118P sub - 2 grand. If you go with the newer ZLX112P tops it's 400 less.

    I think 12 (or even 10) inch tops with an 18" sub will blow away any 15 setup with no sub.
  16. the yeti

    the yeti Supporting Member

    Nov 6, 2007
    raleigh, nc
    just priced k10s at pro audio star. $1155 otd and shipped in usa. k8s are $1130. per pair.
  17. tbirdsp

    tbirdsp Supporting Member

    Sep 18, 2012
    Omaha, NE
    What do you think they want for a KW181?

    I sat in with a band that had K12's (maybe 10's) with two Ksubs - the sound that came out of that system was unbelievable, including the kick drum :eek:
  18. the yeti

    the yeti Supporting Member

    Nov 6, 2007
    raleigh, nc
    dunno. they have a chat feature they'll give you a "best price" on whatever they have though. told me the k10/8 price was good for a week.
  19. Session1969


    Dec 2, 2010
    Yes, all the backups need a monitor so it should work well by adding a couple powered mains and using our old ones as a 3rd and 4th monitor My brother has a powered jbl sub I can use in conjunction. So I guess I don't have to worry a out the two mains having sub characteristics, after all.
  20. the yeti

    the yeti Supporting Member

    Nov 6, 2007
    raleigh, nc
    cool. i'd be interested to know what you get, and how it works out.