Any 3 band preamp/overdrive pedals out there (freely selectable crossover points and clean blend)?

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    Me utilizing a low gain overdrive, blended with clean signal via one of my Boss LS-2 pedals, as much as to introduce some low gain tube like grid as as an harmonic enhancer, and a TC Electronic SpectraComp, 3 band compressor, as much as a regular compressor as as a tone shaper/enhancer, got me thinking if there are any 3 band preamp/overdrive pedals, with freely selectable frequency crossover points for the 3 bands, that goes all the way from clean to lower medium overdrive for each of the 3 bands, and got a separate unaffected clean signal volume control as well, out there, preferably all analog, and preferably with a character similar to the Tech 21 Oxford/Joyo Orange Juice/Orange amp -esque?

    Probably a long shot since there would likely be a quite limited market for a pedal with such functionality, probably being too unusual and specific for it to be viable for anyone to make, unless they do custom orders.

    But if that's the case any idea who might take on such a task, preferably located somewhere in Europe, and what kind of money approximately we could possibly be talking about?
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    It sounds like you want a VFE Triumvirate. At the moment, you can still build a Clone (which is a very compliated build) or pick up a VFE unit S/H from places like Reverb. Another option is to get a Source Audio Ultrawave that has similar (and a lot more) options and it really shouldn't be too hard to dial in a similar setting. The Ultrawave has up to 10 bands of dirt splitting and a 10 band Graphic a 3 band global EQ. The ultra wave only has access to one dirt type per band. But I'm sure you can get pretty close to the type of sounds that you are looking for. It'll also introduce you to an array of sounds that you can't get anywhere else.
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    Well, you don't ask for much, do you.

    I've never heard of any unit that offers multiband drive controls, but the DSM/Humboldt Simplifier Bass Station comes pretty close to what it sounds like you are looking for.

    Incidentally, "crossover" is not really the right term for a preamplifier.

    The Simplifier Bass Station is 100% analogue, has a parallel clean output, and it has a 3-band EQ with selectable mid frequency center.

  4. I like GMC's VFE Triumvirate suggestion, but it's NOT a clone like some crappy Faux-rrari body on a Fiero-oh chassis. Available as a licensed DIY from MadBean pedals: — if you scroll down and click on Madbean's Triumvirate link it takes you here:
    VFE Pedals | Boutique & Custom Effects | Triumvirate distortion pedal
    So you're not getting somebody's best-guess estimation of what the circuit is with close-enough values on parts, you're getting an authorised form of reproduction.

    Whether you solder it or someone local to you builds it, you can have a dry-blend added to it, maybe also a pre/post boost ... skies the limit.

    Another DIY multiband overdrive is the Zorg Glorious Basstar OD, and it ships from France, so a lot closer to you than Madbean.

    Either option can be modded to have variable "crossover" points.

    If the Triumvirate or Basstar aren't to your liking...

    Another option is the Silent Fly treatment: [sfx] sfx sound: Custom Shop: how to order

    COG used to be an option, I hope it becomes one again soon: Cog Effects - Home
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