any advice for learning 2 handed slap?

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    Mar 15, 2012
    Hi all, I'm attempting to learn the 2 handed slap technique on a 6,and am running into a problem. When slapping with the left hand, I'm always getting a note, instead of a mute. I found a slap tutorial on youtube, being totally blind I can't see what the guy is doing, but from how he described it I think I'm doing everything right. But, I may not be. Either way, I'm just wondering how I can get a mute out of the left hand instead of a note. Not sure if it's my action being to low or if I'm doing something wrong.
    Thanks for all the input.
  2. Hi there,

    Could you clarify what you refer to as 2 hands slap? Sounds tricky to slap and pop with your fretting hand as well :roflmao:
    I am assuming you are referring to using your left hand (fretting hand) to play a kick drum like muted sound. To do so, you should try not to do a hammer on first of all: a hammer on occurs when you hit a specific string in a clear motion from upwards perpendicular to the fretboard. To do a mute instead, what I do is to kind of close my left hand on the string but 3 things are key:
    1. don't hit the string to hard
    2. Unlike a hammer on, you don't need to aim for a specific fret or place. The key will be to have a left hand motion which is coordinated so that you get the muting sound you are after. Which brings me to the 3rd point...
    3. Practice. You need to practice to find a way that works for you. As always practice slowly at first and increase speed when you feel comfortable.

    I recommend the videos from MarloweDK, his videos are incredibly clear and this is my main source for learning proper slapping technique. Check out this one, he starts explaining this left hand technique around 1:35.

    I hope I understood your question correctly, good luck!
  3. It's more tricky to do the left hand mute slaps on a 6 without hitting extra notes because of the width of the neck. You may want to start with just the 3 highest pitch strings then work your way down to the lower strings
    For the fretboard hand I use my pointer finger as a mute barred across all of the strings I will be playing. I use my other 3 fingers to produce the precussive slap sound by slapping them down together, while keeping my pointer finger mute in place. I did this over and over and over in my dorm room and it eventually evolved into something that sounded good.
    I have seen some players use the whole left hand to slap mute.
    The key to any way you go about it is to make sure that part of the hand is slapping and part of the hand is muting.
    When I slap down with my middle, ring and pinky fingers the middle finger is really the only one slapping, the other two come down softer and mute
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  4. Very clearly explained, this is indeed similar to what I do (use the index on the upper strings, and the others to hit the string to get the percussive muting sound)

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