Any advice for marketing a jazz band?

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  1. I agreed to help manage my best friend's jazz quartet. I'm not familiar with jazz music nor the jazz culture so if anyone has any tips for promoting a jazz band (ie. not rock) I'm all ears.

    The band is made up of a drummer, double bass, guitar and keys. Two different keyboardists are available so the band can play Blakey/Coltrane with A and Booker T & the MG's with B.

    I figure I can book them for dinner gigs, weddings, maybe the odd concert-type performance. I'm not sure if the etiquette for marketing a jazz band is different. Where should I look first for gigs? What repetoire should they know, other than what they want to play? Any idea how much to charge? I'm just looking for ideas, I haven't done any strategy formulation yet...
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    If they're going to be doing restaurants and weddings, they have to know their realbook standards (and pop/rock wedding warhorses too).

    If you want to be formal about it, put together a press/demo kit that has at least a band resume, a repertoire list and a three-song demo. If the members have formal jazz training or have played with famous jazzbos, write up individual bios for them too. I'd recommend against photos unless the members are photogenic and you can spring for a professional photog.

    Booking practices will depend on the venue. If you're going to be doing clubs, ask for a take of the gate if there's a cover or a percent of the bar otherwise - how much you can ask for depends on what sort of pull the band has. Bring lots of people the first time and you'll have more leverage to negotiate. For weddings, the sky's the limit, as people are pretty price insensitive in that situation.

    Restaurants I have no idea.