Any advice from the moderators here?

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  1. Hi there!
    The singer of my band started a new forum and asked me to moderate the topic "Emo" where all the, well, emotional stuff goes.
    The forum is pretty young (a month or so...) and there's not all that much traffic at the moment so it's not a lot work...

    I guess once the traffic increases it will get a lot harder (also considering the... "sensitive" topic).

    So can the mods (or anybody) here give me some useful advice on how to do my job?
    Like, how to best stop flame-wars, keep threads on-topic, where should I draw the line, how often should I check and so on...
    The Admin told me basically: "You have free reign. Do what you must."

    Oh, for anyone interested the URL is
    Sorry, it's in German. And you'd have to register before you can do anything... we've had some problems with, well, right-wing-people.

    Thanks in advance for any advice! Take care!
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    Mar 18, 2000
  3. Thanks, Blackbird.
    Somehow that thread didn't turn up in my search for "moderator" and "advice".