Any advice u can provide on a MM Stingray vs a Modulus VJ (passive)?

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  1. Direct Box Rox

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    Feb 12, 2012
    I know these basses are apples & oranges - but here's a little background;

    I've played bass since about 1990. I've been fortunate enough to have 3 MM's (one Stingray in around 1992 and two Sterling's - one in 1995 and the other in 2014 - and I don't own any of them any longer). So I kinda know what I'm getting with a MM (I got my eyes on a used Stingray 4H). However, I've had it in my head that I've always wanted a Modulus VJ (their Jazz bass). I've never played one though. However, I do have experience with graphite/composite basses as I've owned two Zon's. I was just curious; if price wasn't of concern would you rather buy a used Stingray 4H (4 string and I don't know how old it is but looks like it's in pretty good condition) - or a used 1997 Modulus VJ bass (passive) with EMG's in it? (I believe in 1997 that Modulus was still not using truss rods)?

    Again - I know what I'm getting w/ the MM. But I'm unsure of what I'm getting with the Modulus. I'm a little apprehensive that the Modulus is almost 23 years old and is passive - but who knows?

    Thanks guys - I appreciate it

    EDIT: I just foundn out the MM is from 1998 - so it's basically the same age as the Modulus VJ.
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  2. Chuck M

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    May 2, 2000
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    Does EMG make passive pickups? I've never seen any...they are active PU's usually coupled with EMG's active tone controls.

    Personally I would much rather have the Modulus since Stingray basses never stay long at my house. I never had a problem with a graphite necked bass that didn't have a truss rod.
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  3. spufman

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    Tough choice, both absolutely have their appeals. The necks will feel very different - a preference in that regard would weigh in for me.
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  4. Dan Bates

    Dan Bates

    Dec 18, 2017
    It depends on your style. If you strike the strings with your thumb and you need that super-response, get the Modulus. The Modulus will probably weigh more.... Both great basses, just find the bass that gives you the mojo. :)