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  1. Hey Mike do you have any advice on to tell a good bass from a cheap and nasty one for new bass players??????:D
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    Aug 24, 2001
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    well, that's a tough one. a new player doesn't have the experience to know what feels and sounds good yet. having an experienced repair person check out would be the best advice. you want a bass that doesn't have a twisted neck, good intonation (all the notes on the neck play in tune), fretted notes that don't buzz and good sound coming out of the jack. a lot of stuff can be adjusted by a good tech, in fact all new bass have to be "set-up" to be right. nothing usually plays right just for you right off the wall-hanger. for a beginner, a bass that's kind of hard to play is a good thing in a way so it will build up strength in your fingers - sort of like training to run by jogging in the sand. I say to bring a bass you might potentially want to a quality repairman and have him check it out and give it an assessment - sort of like buying a used car, know what I mean?

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  3. yeah thats great thanks