Any alternatives to the Tech 21 Power Engine 60?

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  1. I'm considering getting a Tech 21 Power Engine 60 to use with a Tech 21 bass pedal, but wanted to see if there are alternatives before I commit to purchasing one.

    So far I've come across a Yamaha DS60-112. Are there others? Does the quality of such amps center around whichever speaker they have?
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    Are you planning on using this with bass, guitar, or both? Open-backed cabs have pretty limited utility for bass, but I guess you already realize that?
  3. Bass to start, for home/practice use. I hadn't thought about the limitations of the open back, actually.
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    It is a guitar slave amp. Pretty much any bass combo at the same price will sound better and louder.
    There also is a high risk of quickly destroying the speaker.
  5. Yet Tech 21 is pushing these as usable with any Sansamp or similar guitar or bass emulator pedal/preamp/etc. That's what I've been going on; is there something inaccurate about this sales pitch?

    EDIT: Their web copy does not specify guitar or bass, it simply says "any," which to me means (or at least did mean) that it would work with either.
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    I have a Power Engine, it does not work with bass other than at quite low volume. Get a bass combo instead.
  7. How low is low volume? I'm not looking to perform, just to practice at home.
  8. I just did a bit more Googling and found something I hadn't previously come across -- some years ago, Tech 21 apparently did make a bass version of this long ago. But to read their web copy, which does say "any" SansAmp can be used with the current Power Engine 60, I didn't think it would matter whether bass or guitar.

    Disappointing that their copy would be so imprecise, because I already ordered a pedal off eBay. Good thing I didn't yet order a Power Engine.
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    You can use any Sansamp with it, but that's not the instrument.
  10. A SansAmp is not the instrument, true, but there are bass SansAmps.
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    But that has nothing to do with the PE60, which very much is NOT for bass. You can certain run a VT Bass (for example) into the PE60 but do so using a guitar with it, not a bass.
  12. Thank you for the clarification.