Any carvin amp-head users...mic'ing gurus...EQ specialists...and recording wizards...

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  1. We are using our tascam 788 digital portable studio. What we do is all setup in the drummer's basement, eq/soundcheck, and then mic all of our amps and drums, and run the mic's into the recorder.

    I personally am using a carvin RL-1000 head with a mesa diesel 4x10 and a diesel 1x15.

    The hting I noticed in our recording even after EQing, is that we seem to be lacking a bit of "sparkle" (if you will) in the highs. In addition to this, there seems to be some mid-range mud (i suspect a big part of that is me...) and the recording just doesn't seem to have much 'bite'. I have been comparing it to proifessional recordings, and ours seem to lack the "ballsy sound" that most other pro-recordings have.

    Yes, I realize we are using alot less advanced techniques than million dollar studio's, but I just htink that it could definately sound more crisp than it does.

    Now fo rthe question...
    Are there any suggestions on my personal EQ?(what would be a good strategy for a nice ballsy, non-muddy, growly sound?)
    Any suggestions on mic placement or which speaker to mic and where?
    Any reccomendations for setup technique, EQing overall...where the 'mud' usually comes from (and how to take care of it...)?

    Any help is VERY VERY appreciated.

  2. thanks....anyone else?
  3. Nate Dawg

    Nate Dawg

    Apr 8, 2000
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    what kind of mics are you using?
  4. not sure of the actual model name, but the mic for my bass belongs to my drummer, it's a very nice neumann (greta frequency response)...I figure thats prolly one of the few htings I dont haveta worry about.
  5. When you are recording are you doing it one instrument at a time or taking a live off the floor approach?

    If you're all playing at the same time I would imagine that's where a lot of the muddiness might be coming from, bleeding onto each other's mics. Also, if you're micing both cabs, maybe try just the 10"ers?

    As for mic placement, if you're all playing at the same time I'd say close mic right on the speaker cone. If you're recording alone I like to setup a mic about 4-5 feet away and on a 45 degree angle facing sort of across the cab, it seems to work.
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    May 10, 2002
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    I was just recording a demo with my band this weekend (with the Carvin R1000 and Avatar B410). Rather muddy for me too, I had all the eq's set flat with just a touch of tube gain. I had a DL from the head along with the cab mike approx 4-5 inches away from the speaker with a Shure SM-57. I'm HOPING we can put some more high end definition into the bass after the fact,, we shall see! Next time I'll cut around 300 and boost the high mids and treble, with the DL line being pre-EQ for better control.
  7. I didn't use the DL at all, but thats because I tested it a while back and didn't dig the sound... Maybe I'll try to go more on the tube-gain side, and scoop out the mids a bit...I'm also htinking mayeb we should take some of the massive amount of foam padding/insulation we have, and mount it on cardboards to make small barriers around the mics to eliminate as much of the bleed as possible
  8. ^^^