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Any digs on Nords?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by fish man, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. fish man

    fish man

    Nov 14, 2005
    Ontario, Canada
    Is there any reason why I wouldn't want to use Nords for my custom bass? Anything I should know about before I bite the bullet?
    Bridge: MM4.2 or 4.3
    Neck: NJ4SE
  2. Rodent

    Rodent A Killer Pickup Lineā„¢ Commercial User

    Dec 20, 2004
    Upper Left Corner (Seattle)
    Player-Builder-Founder: Honey Badger Pickups & Regenerate Guitar Works
    I run a NJ4SE/MM4.4 combo in my Swamp Ash bodied 4 and it smokes. All of Carey's MM p/u's rock

    all the best,

  3. I have mm 5.2's....kickass pups...wouldnt change them for anything
  4. MJ5150

    MJ5150 Supporting Member

    Apr 12, 2001
    Olympia, WA
    You should know that they are very well made, and come with great customer service. Not only from someone like Jay at Blueberry Hill Bass who sells them, but also from Carey Nordstrand himself. I had some newbie questions about the NJ4SE's I bought, so I called Carey. He answered all of my questions, and even offered to install them for me if I sent the bass to him.

    I think they sound wonderful. The NJ4SV's have a killer vintage vibe to them, but still kind of modern. The NJ4SE's just sound killer all around.

  5. luknfur


    Jan 14, 2004

    Haven't look into Nords for a while but I was thinking the 4.3 was built ala Sterling with that freak 3rd drop down coil. If so, I've had the Sterling pup and I would avoid that. I had the Nord 4.2 and it was decent as were all the alnico MM's I've had - they basically sounded the same no matter who made them, literally splitting hairs. I'm guessing the 4.4 is no different so you can go with that instead of the 4.3 for quiet single coil operation without having to deal that freak coil.

    So clarify the coil layout on the 4.3 before buying it because I don't see how it could be made otherwise. The Barts triple MMC is all on the same plane but it's not made and doesn't sound like an alnico MM.
  6. fish man

    fish man

    Nov 14, 2005
    Ontario, Canada
    Yeah, the 4.3 has the extra Sterling-style coil. But I've already sort of decided against that, 40$ US extra, and I probably wouldn't get that much use out of it. I don't know what the 4.4 is, I don't see anything about it on the Nordstrand website.

    My other question regarding this would be whether there will be interference between the two pickups if they aren't far enough apart. I don't really see how this could be possible, but it's been alluded to in other threads (specifically why MM pups on J/MM basses are never in the sweet spot). If there is a minimum distance (obviously I'm going to want them far enough apart to have a different tonal colour) that they should be from each other, what is it?

    thanks again

  7. luknfur


    Jan 14, 2004

    The 4.4 is quad that would either be built along the lines of a stacked or split J HB place side by side. So each coil is an humbucker it itself. Probably only a four lead pup but you could probably tap 4 additional leads and go crazy with wiring schemes like the schaller 8 lead double J - where you could wire split P and reverse split P if you wanted to.

    Output on the MM's is steep and the MM would likely have to be set closer to the bridge than stock MM position - but I usually set the back coil of an MM inline with where a normal J coil would go anyway cause I prefer the brigher tone. I doubt there'd be an issue with proximity cause there's going to have to be some meat in between the routings but I'd give Carey a call just to verify that.

    The sweet spot is relative and basically changes every time you change fret position - but some pups definetly work better in some locations sometimes. Basically it's nothing you could plan for or know about - you'd have to have a swath routed out below the strings and be able to vary pup position to know, and my basses are setup that way so I know.

    Different pups in the same location can vary as much in tone as the same pup in different locations so you're going to get a variation in tone regardless. Again a "best" location is not something that's knowable using routings. In fact it can vary depending on music style, technic, your mood at the time and other variables. I doubt J/MM proximity would be much of an issue and I'd feel comfortable with a J width difference (3/4"). Also logically adding a bridge J will brighten to so moving an MM further up that neck flows. Even so it's a really a shot in the dark cause you can't know that cuause there's no way to experience an alternative with routings.

    Contact Carey - as Pole relationship may be an issue and he may have input I haven't thought about. Also, MM's exert a lot of pull on strings so them being closer to another pup would enhance that - maybe requiring them to set further away from the strings, and of course that can alter tone.

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