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Any DSI Mopho owners here?

Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by BiigM, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. BiigM


    Nov 11, 2007
    Hi guys.

    I just got a DSI mopho, for playing keybass with. I actually had bought the Little Phatty first and programmed it with the sounds I needed. Then I found out that the LP is quite unstable when not grounded, which would be to often here in Denmark.

    So now I have this Mopho, which I find a bit more difficult to program than the LP was.

    And I know that the best way get good at these things is to experiment, and I am going to do that. Problem is that I need that sounds pretty quick so....

    is anyone of you good at programming this little mopho dude? I need the bass sounds for the following jackson songs: Black or white, Man in the Mirror, Jam, Thriller, Remember the Time

    I know that it's a big favour but if anyone of you could program this for me I'd be extatic :)


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