any experience with Kahler milled back Bullet/Jazz 1015B bridge?

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    Apr 5, 2017
    I ran across this ebay listing of an NOS Kahler/Fender bridge. It says it’s made for Jazz and Bullet basses? Model is Kahler 1015B if I‘m reading this correctly. Have you ever seen or used a bridge like this? I think it looks cool... Have a natural Jazz bass and I think it would look pretty neat on it! Here are some pics

    0EF1A96B-59D1-4902-B04C-DD681F9B976C.jpeg 66CFC6C2-CDAA-4CD7-9209-A86F1B8FDA0E.jpeg D2E510F9-7B8F-4365-B65F-454A30206834.jpeg DD13E470-FC7F-4E43-B0BB-1F587910B187.jpeg 669EAEF5-5D74-4E3A-90B7-D31A89B4097C.jpeg
    looks like it’s made for the 70s spacing to me as the pickup cavity seems pretty close to the saddles, right?
    Seller (whammy-parts) is asking 120$ for it... And I live in Germany, so customs duty will hit me where it hurts. So I think I won‘t buy it (I may change my mind though), but I‘m still interested in your opinions and experiences you may have (or may have not) made with a bridge like this.
  2. I had one on a bass I made a long time ago. I don’t recall it being any better or worse then other bridges I have used. As you said, the pickup is pretty close to the bridge so make sure it will work with your bass unless you’re doing a custom body. I can guarantee I paid a whole lot less then $120 for it. In the states, at least, you could get something much more adjustable for around that price. Don’t know about Germany.
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    Apr 5, 2017
    Thanks for your response! Okay, good to know.. I‘d get one just for the looks, not so much for adjustability. So I think 120$ plus whatever customs duty will cost is a little too much. Guess the price is so high for it‘s „vintage vibe“ and the new old stock thing...