Any experiences widening nut & bridge on a Squier VM P?

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  1. After decades on wide 6-strings, i'm very used to 19 & 20mm spacings. Most narrower spacings feel like a darn fiddle at this point. But a gig's in the offing that may require a P bass (which i started on, back in the Paleozoic era).

    i got a nice Squier VM Pbass (I measured the bridge & it looks like approx 17.75 spacing), but the amount of fretboard left & right of the strings makes me wanna start modding.

    Thinking of a brass nut blank to slot slightly wider, and a Hipshot replacement bridge I can roll out to 20mm.

    I know that wide spacings aren't overly popular around here, but I was wondering if anybody's ever attempted the same thing.
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    The mods will net poor results.
    You will gain little.
    Get a US / Mim.
    Get a Warmoth or the like designed with 19mm spacing out of the gate
    That said the nut and bridge are easy mods,
    The bridge will be a bolt on, the nut is an easy mod if you will cut it yourself.
    You won't gain a full Mm at the nut.
    The pickup poles will likely not line up, but that's not a big deal overall.

    My 2¢
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  3. great info. Thanks!
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