Any generous souls willing to help out a band program?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Mike Money, Sep 17, 2003.

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    California has made massive budget cuts this year, and the eductional system is taking a beating. Our band has it particularly bad because the administration hated us before this whole budget thing started, so getting money for things the band needs is hard.

    All of our fundraisers go towards new instruments and band trips. Band trips are about 30k a piece, so there is not a lot of money left over.

    What we really need are some amplifiers for marching band and Jazz Band.

    At the moment, we have my amp (a peaveyTNT) and a roland keyboard amp to share between marching band and Jazz Band.

    In marching band, there is 1 keyboardist and 1 bassist (me). In Jazz band, we have 4 guitars, and 3 basses.

    We need just 2 more amps... The roland has 3 channels, so we run the keyboard and a guitar through that, and the bass through my tnt.

    We need 1 good size bass combo, and a good guitar combo.

    If some one is willing to donate something, I can give you the band directors contact info, and he can talk to you about a tax write off or something like that.

    For the bass, something about the size of the TNT would be great, something loud and punchy and reliable... and for the guitars, a 50w 2 channel amp, or something similar would be great.

    Any help we could get would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Just for reassurance that you wont be wasting your effort, we were the no.1 band in the county last year, and our percussion line places in the top 20 at world championships in ohio.


    Mike Money
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