Any good alternates to using roundover bit??

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  1. I'm back on working with the Spalted Maple caps for my first build. I tried stabilizing with CA and wood hardener on a scrap sample I had built up with my body laminates but the stabilizing process made everything much darker than I wanted. So... I experimented with routing to my body template without stabilizing and it was starting to chip out in several places. The solution was to put a 1-1/2" sanding drum on the drill press and work with the grain - it came out looking great with perfectly smooth sides. Since I'm afraid of the chipout that I got with the pattern bit, I was wondering if there is any way I can get the roundover look without using the router. The sanding drum worked so well, I was hoping there may be some sanding attachment or whatever that someone has used as an alternate to the router. Any suggestions?
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    good 'ole hand tools.
    it'll take longer, but you'll get exactly what you want. :D
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    have to agree with clock.....Spalted maple is so soft as it is, it shouldn't bee too hard. Just a lot of elbow grease.

    As a side note, you can take a few blocks of 1/2" wood and glue them together, drill the size of the radius you want to use through the sandwich of blocks, and cut it into quarters, and this makes a nice little hand sander to help keep the radius constant around the body.

    ALSO....goto Hambone's site....he has a pattern for a bow sander you can make with a piece of sandpaper and a piece of 1/8" stock, that can be really handy for the initial rounding of the edges.
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    yeah use a quarter circle sanding block after filing the edges.

    i never worked with spalted woods before. but if it starts chipping out with your file, use soft ones or even harsh metal files/rasps to do the job.

    but again, i never worked with spalts so i dont know exactly. thats what i would do if it was THAT soft.
  5. Thanks for all the great suggestions. The radiused sanding block should do the trick.
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    and don't forget your respirator! plus, make sure you ventilate the area well after your sanding - you don't want those live fungal spores setting up camp in your lungs

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